Where is the Love

February is the month we celebrate LOVE so I wanted to write something to spark your thoughts and create a discussion around the topic.  The word love is thrown around so frivolously that it has become less and less meaningful. I was reflecting the other day on how often I am told or I tell someone “I love you” and it is not often. To be quite honest, those words make me feel a bit uneasy sometimes, so I had to examine why. Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that it makes me uneasy because those who have told me that they loved me haven’t always demonstrated it in a positive way. Not only that, I always want to make sure I really, truly mean it before I say it rather than carelessly tell someone I love them. Those words have weight to them, and in many cases, they’re subjective and mean different things to different people. So where IS the love?  Read More →

Creating Space for Transparent Moments for Sistas When The World Becomes Overwhelmingly Vicious

If you have been reading this blog long enough, you know that one thing is consistent: WE SUPPORT WOMEN. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t where you want to be (Hint: none of us are) or if you think you’re perfect, pray 3x a day and fast every other Friday. All of us need a tribe of other strong sisters that we can share transparent moments with. A group who will keep us going when the world becomes overwhelmingly harsh. For this reason, I am sharing a Facebook message that a friend of mine posted about an experience she had with someone who was rather insensitive:

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Taking Calculated Risks

Calculated risks are chances of exposure to loss or injury that might be undertaken after their advantages and disadvantages have been carefully weighed and considered.

Because I want to steer the narrative in this post, I’m going to change the word CHANCE to OPPORTUNITY and I also want to shift the negative words of LOSS and INJURY to GAIN. Just follow me… Read More →

More Than A Conqueror


Let me tell you something… nobody encounters fear more than me. I can almost promise you that. I am one of the most scariest folks you want to meet. I’m the chick who scared myself with my own hand once! (Don’t ask…) Fear will step to you, stand square in your face and stare you down until you are paralyzed if you allow it to. But inasmuch as I tend to be fearful, I have learned over time how to feel the fear and do it anyway. I have gone through enough situations to know that I am more than a conqueror.  Read More →

When You’ve Been Blessed


When you’ve been blessed, you have an obligation to praise God. I can look back over 2017 and see all of the wonderful things God brought me through and tears begin to stream down my face in wonder. “Why did you choose me, God?” “What have I done to draw you near me and cause you to favor me?” I am absolutely nothing and most of the times I’ve got it 110% WRONG. But God…

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Letting Go of Whats Easy….



We decide to plan a beautiful hike. We take out the map and pinpoint where we are and mark the destination to where we truly desire to travel. It’s been a lifelong dream to travel there. So, we draw a line connecting the two points and it looks pretty simple. Like a straight shot. It appears to be a beautiful scenic walk. We are excited. We pack our bags and prepare for our journey. Yet, just a few short miles into our trip, we begin to learn we overlooked some details on the map. The challenges we would face. The mountains to be climbed, rivers to be crossed and valleys to be treaded through. So what do we do? Do we quit, turn around and find something easier to do? Or do muster the strength, press through and tackle our goal? Read More →

the power in humility

The Power in Humility

There really is no freedom in hiding behind a mask.

I said this in conversation with a friend today when she asked why I was about to bare my soul and the revelations I’ve had about myself on Facebook. I told her that if I always have to prove myself, put on airs and keep up appearances, who will ever know ME? How will I know that someone ever loves ME? When I disappoint or don’t keep up the facade, will people cling to the act while leaving ME behind? There really is power in humility.   Read More →