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Trust the Lord completely, and don’t depend on your own knowledge. Proverbs 3:5 (ERV)

Financially we were comfortable, we had a nice cushion in our savings and all our bills were paid. As summer was coming to an end and fall approaching, the holiday season was almost in effect. We were excited to begin Christmas shopping for the kids. Their list was as long as the Eiffel Tower, but hey we wanted them to be happy ;o)

That August, we went to a family wedding in Denver, a perfect getaway for my husband, Brian and I. We wanted to site see in Colorado Springs so we decided to go on a cave tour. Although historic and beautiful, in the cave, there was several times where we had to bend. At some point during our tour my husband injured his back. Which changed our financial situation tremendously.

My husband had slight back issues prior, however nothing that left him out of work the way this incident did. Brian was out of work for months. At the time I was an at home mom and brought no form of income in. Also, I was 6 months pregnant with pregnancy complications so I could not work even if I wanted to. Each month with little to no income coming in I was worried, fearful and a hot mess ;o). I’m someone who is completely against touching savings. Yet in this situation, it was inevitable and each month we had to pull from savings just to make ends meet.

Living this way, in financial stress caused a great deal of tension in our marriage. The financial set back was something that neither my husband nor I was prepared for. We hadn’t realized that we were putting our trust in our savings account, Brian’s job and our business. The truth is, God showed us that our trust must be in Him. Once we learned to truly rely on God for all of our needs and place our worries on Him. Slowly but surely were outta that mess…;o).

Prior to my husband incident, his job often gave him the opportunity for overtime and to make as much money as needed. Subconsciously, we relied on that. We relied on his job for our every financial need to be met. We took advantage of that resource and became complacent. Through that trial, God showed me that jobs are temporary and that He is our provider and ultimately He is our source. Also, that we are to be grateful for the resources He provides.

Proverbs 3:5-6 states that we are to trust in God and not on our own knowledge. With raising a family and just living life in general we are guaranteed to hit some rough patches. Not just with money but in relationships, careers etc. Through it all we need to lean on and trust in God. Even now the company that my husband works for is inconsistent. However, we don’t put our trust in the company. Each time the company wavers our faith doesn’t. Our faith is in God. All is well ;o)

L.A.W (Ladies After Wisdom), what are you putting your trust in? Are you having a hard time financially? Let me encourage you that our Father knows your needs. He will provide. Our job is our resource for finances, not our source. However, God is our source of it all and there is no limits to what he can do. He is the one that makes it all possible. Put your faith and trust in God. Not just for enough but more than enough. I love you. All is well.

Read: Proverbs 3:5-6

Affirmation: I will not worry. I trust God to supply all that is needed and desired.

Prayer: Lord, I love You. I thank you for the resources in which you have blessed me with. Father, forgive me for relying solely on my resource and not recognizing you as the Source. I have learned that You are the Source of everything good. Father, bless me with peace, knowing that you will supply all my needs. Father, I believe you will give me more than enough. I praise you.

In Jesus name, Amen



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