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finding purpose and passion

Now that we’ve conquered your why, let’s move onto what. There are things each of us are wired instinctively to do or to love. What do you constantly think about?  What motivates you? I’m certain there is something in this world that just at the mention of it your face brightens, your eyes light up and you begin to crack a smile. That’s IT!I always ask people, what would you do if you had absolutely no limits? Imagine with me. You have all the money you could stand, so your bills aren’t an issue. You have free time because all of your tasks are handled by someone else on a consistent basis. You have access to anything you desire. What would you do then? Thinking like this is hard for most adults. But if we shed our obligatory thoughts, we can begin to travel back into a space and time all of us foolishly wished away at some point. That space and time is childhood. We’ve all heard the phrase “childlike faith.” Children are free to dream and explore simply because they have no frame of reference for obligations. They believe anything is possible – and according to the Bible it is. We have to stop making our “what” so impossible in our minds. Envision it, embrace it and pursue it. Finding your purpose requires a bit of faith.

If you don’t know what your “what” is, think about something you desire to change.  Many of our passions are linked directly to problems. Someone hates the fact that there are no safe places for kids in their neighborhood to play. So they begin rallying neighbors, going to city council meetings and they form an organization to clean up local parks. This is what drives them day to day. One of the problems I am personally passionate about is economic equality for people of color. I join forces with organizations and people who are also passionate about this cause and I use my time and talents to make a change in this area. I have a business and I use it to help others grow their own businesses. I am connected to human resources professionals and organizations as well, so when I hear about jobs and opportunities that may benefit others I am sure to connect them.

You may have many whats or just one that you want to focus on. Or you may have one thing with many avenues to achieving it. Whatever approach you take, think about what you can do to pursue it today. In my examples above, these are simple ways to bring about solutions to complex issues. You aren’t required to conquer the world, just own the space in your corner of it. So again, I ask you, what do you dream of doing? What would you do if you had absolutely no limits? What do you want to change? What small steps can you do take today to bring about resolve to those things?

Let me know what you’re thinking in the comments below. I hope you are journaling your thoughts throughout this process. Writing your vision is not only biblical, it is cathartic and it solidifies your thoughts making them tangible and actionable. Until next week…

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Written by Chanelle

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