Finding Your Purpose: Your Why

purpose and passion - why do you do the things you do

When finding your purpose, you should begin by asking yourself questions. One of those questions is simply – why? If you don’t know why, you can’t find what, when, where and you definitely won’t figure out how. So let’s begin by pulling this simple, yet profound question apart. Consider the things you are currently doing – your daily routine. Why do you do those things? Are they things you enjoy doing or are they done only out of obligation? One of the reasons you may be in a funk is that you aren’t doing anything to feed or stimulate yourself on a deeper level. Many of us look to spirituality to fuel us but sometimes it can become an escape from real life and not an actual passionate pursuit. That too can be an obligation and its dangerous to pursue God in that way. I threw that in because I already know many of you probably thought “I go to church to feed me“. That’s not what I’m talking about. I mean what are you actively doing and pursuing that speaks to your core and makes you want to get up each morning to do it. This week I want you to pay close attention to each of the things you do on a daily basis and ask yourself WHY. If you need to, mark down on your calendar how you spend every hour for the next week. It’s tedious, but I guarantee you will find out things about yourself and your patterns. It will help you see where you are wasting time and why you keep thinking you don’t have time to do the things you really want to do when you honestly do have the time, you’re just not making the time.

Next, why do others need (or want) what you have to offer? This could pertain to the marketplace or your career, but it also speaks to the things you enjoy outside of that. Why do others need or want your time? Why do they need or want the cakes you bake so well? Why do they need you to share your testimony? There is something each of us uniquely has to offer the world. You may be discounting your gifts, talents or experiences because you take them for granted. But someone else’s life may be depending upon it. So why do they need you? If you weren’t needed, you wouldn’t be here.

Finally, why should people pay you? As women, we can be so self righteous, fake deep and have a false humility about us. We don’t demand people to pay us what we’re truly worth (could this be why in the U.S. we only make 70% of what men earn and we know we contribute the same if not more?) Meanwhile if another sister is being paid handsomely we question it or become jealous. It’s self deprecating and foolish, to be honest. It cost you something to become sharp in whatever area you are sharp in. Yes, you are worth more than money, but you have been given the power to gain wealth. Leaving it on the table is basically squandering your talents and not being a good steward. So why should people pay you? It’s an uncomfortable question, I know. I have had to darken this door many times when I have become frustrated at a job or with a client. But if we spend our finite time on something and it benefits another, they should be willing to make a worthy exchange.

If you noticed, a thread ran through this post. It connected your WHY to your TIME. If you can’t honestly answer why you are doing something, it is a waste of your most precious gift – your time. You will never be able to recover the time you spend, no matter how much money you make, how many vitamins you take or how much exercise you do. One day you will expire. Spend your days on passionate, purposeful pursuits.

Next week, we will talk about WHAT. In the meantime, sound off in the comments. Holla at me to let me know you hear me. If you have any “aha” moments, share them. They will surely help me and others. See you next week!

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