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Finding Your Purpose: Ways to Rediscover You

finding your purposeFinding your purpose can be a difficult feat if you are constantly searching outside of yourself. Many times I hear people say things like:

I feel like there is more that I should be doing, like this isn’t all there is to life” or “I’m so burned out, I am frustrated with everything going on in my life“. If you find yourself in a funk or you feel like there has to be more than the day-to-day grind you are in, you’re in luck! I have felt that way as well during different seasons of my life and I have found ways to navigate it and recalibrate to get back on track towards pursuing my purpose. I am actually in the middle of a season of rediscovery now, so you’re not alone. We can walk through this thing together.

What I’ve found is that finding your purpose is a constant pursuit. You don’t just stumble upon it, you must be intentional about it. Also, depending upon what stage and phase you are in life, your most pressing purpose may shift. For instance, if you are a recent college graduate in your 20s, your major purpose in that season may be to simply discover who you are at your core. To ground yourself and adjust to adulthood by exploring different things you enjoy and setting out to begin your career. But once you are a new mom in your 30s, your majorĀ purpose and pursuit is obviously going to shift toward nurturing and caring for a child. Empty nesters are redefining themselves depending upon when they had their children and the different sacrifices they’ve had to make along the way. They’re finding new things to delve into, dusting off old things they’ve set aside and finding something outside of their children to give them a sense of worth.

We are all in constant pursuit of finding self. There may be things that remain constant in your life over time, but for the most part we’re evolving daily. We are living, breathing beings. We become frustrated only when we are off track and not doing what we are created to do. I can speak for myself in saying I know I am an entrepreneur. That has been a constant in my life whether or not I have worked for someone else. Each time I try to settle myself into a corporate job, I get frustrated. I used to hate this because I felt like I wasn’t fitting in, but that’s not what I am created to do. So let me encourage you not to settle. To live your best, fullest, most passionate life. I know I’m trying to!

Because of this, I am going to create a series for the next six weeks on finding your purpose. This series will outline ways to naturally discover yourself – your gifts, talents, proclivities, and why you do what you do. I think this series is timely because it will lead us up to the beginning of the new year. This is usually the time when we’re reassessing anyway. I want to invite you to share your thoughts and discoveries along the way. Let’s make this a two-way conversation. The questions and thoughts I will share are intended for you to be a bit more introspective than you are probably used to. I’m not digging in your business though, you are. So grab your journal and meet me here every Friday so we can work on helping you find your purpose.

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