How to Shop with Ebates and Get Money Back!



Yea, I said it. Spend your coins and get some coins back through Ebates. Yes that is possible all year long! You can get some of your coins back every quarter. You are probably looking at the screen like “Whatchu talkin bout Willis?” Well Queens, there are some sites that allow you to get your shop on online and get cash back. There are a few out there. I personally like Ebates and use that most often. There is also Shop At Home, Mr. Rebates and others. These are the top 3 from what I have seen. With Ebates being my boo and all, I have earned over $400 in cash back from my online shopping hobby. So how does it work? Gather around Queens. You sign up on the website for free, you can do that here (this is my Ebates referral link, so I get a bonus if you sign up through the link). You will be eligible for a $10 bonus and you will also get your own referral link so you can refer your friends and collect bonuses from them signing up as well. After signing up, you are free to shop about the internet! I recommend downloading the Chrome extension and the mobile app as well. The Chrome extension allows you to see at a glance if the store you are shopping at offers cash back and you can activate the cash back right in the toolbar. Without the extension, you will have to go to first, log in, search for the store you are shopping at and activate cash back. Sometimes you hit the jackpot and there is a double cash back promotion for some stores so if a store normally has 3% cash back they will have 6% cash back for the promotion. I have seen some stores with 10-15% cash back on occasion. Once you place your order, the cash back amount is held for you in your ebates account. Every quarter you are paid either by a deposit into your paypal account or by a check being mailed to you. I would recommend signing up for more than one cash back service. When you do this you can compare the cash back between sites. Sometimes Shop At Home may have a higher percentage than Ebates and vice versa. You do have to get in the routine of checking whichever site you decide to use before shopping, or as I stated previously, get the extensions for your browser to make it a bit easier and less cumbersome. Last Christmas, I got over $100 back from Ebates, so it is definitely worth it. Happy Shopping!

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