Six Morning Habits to Begin A Successful Day

Before truly understanding the power of thoughts, when I awoke in the morning the first thing I would do is reach for my cell phone. Before my feet would hit the floor, I would check my email and I would scroll through Facebook to get updated on the latest news. The majority of the time what I saw and read was negative. Once I realized how starting my day off negatively, deeply affected my spiritual, mental and physical health. I started to make some necessary changes.

Beginning a day negative, whether it be reading poor comments on social media, headlines in the news or possibly just having an attitude of unforgiveness (not leaving yesterday in yesterday and carrying it over to today), I believe have a profound impact on the success of our day. After spending many days feeling worried, offended, sad and defeated which lead to many very unproductive days. I prayed and the the Lord showed me it was a result of not starting my day right. So after much reading and prayer, I came up with a routine that gets my day started perfectly. Each time, its a success. So, I wanted to share them with you.

1. Thank Ya! Starting my day with love.

Before getting out of bed. I lay there with me eyes closed and I thank God for waking me up. For my family, home, finances, kids etc. Everything that I can think of. I purposely fill my heart with gratitude.

2. Hey… I See You! Starting my day with a clear vision.

As I still lay in bed. With ease and love, I vision how I want my day to turn out. I think about the tasks that need to get done and mentally plan and prepare for the day. Believing for a positive outcome. I vision myself smiling, keeping a positive attitude and handling challenging issues with ease. Also, for a few minutes, I vision my goals and dreams for the future, including my marriage, children, finances, professional life and so on.

3. Warm Lemon H2O. Starting my day with cleasing.

Each morning, I drink a cup of warm lemon water. I boil some water and pour into a coffee mug and squeeze a lemon into the mug as well. I drink this combination before I put anything else on my stomach. Then, I also drink a glass of regular water. I feel refreshed and awake.

Warm Lemon Water in the morning has great benefits, including with aiding in good digestion and healthier skin. I provided a link below to a website that shares the lemon water benefits.

4. Stretchy Stretch. Starting my day with healing.

With light music in the background (majority of the time worship music) I lay a blanket or mat on the floor and stretch for about 20 min. I try and do the same stretches each morning. I stretch my legs, arms, back and so on. I hear so many pops and cracks in my body that sometimes my kids think I’m popping popcorn ;o). My body feels so good afterwards.

There are benefits for stretching as well, especially increasing blood flow. I provided a link below for a website that shares the benefits of stretching.

5. A Proverb A Day. Starting my day with prayer.

I got this wisdom key from a mentor of mine. I sit in my rocking chair and read a Proverb a day. According to the calendar day of the month, that’s the Proverb I read. Such as today is Dec 8th, so I read Prov 8. I take notes and then begin and stay in prayer for nearly and hr or so praying for family, friends, our nation etc. Although, I read the entire book of Proverbs over every month, I always get a new perspective and a fresh revelation of each scripture…each time. Its a new word of wisdom just for me…each day.

6. I Love Me! Starting my day with self confidence.

I once read this book called Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It. The author speaks of how¬† he repeated the mantra in his mind “I love myself, I love myself, I love myself etc” over and over for weeks. As a result of him constantly repeating this mantra in his mind, he loved himself more, treated himself better and changed his perspective.

So, I say mantras (a phrase) to myself each. I look in the mirror and say, “I love myself, I am beautiful, God loves me, I am a wonderful mom…etc” Whatever is placed on my heart. Sometimes its, “I forgive______, I release all negative feelings and take no offense” or “I can do this”. Whatever it may be, I make sure it is positive. These mantras bring about confidence and self love.

What About You?

L.A.W. (Ladies After Wisdom), do you have a morning routine? How are you starting off your day? I hope its positive. There are so many distractions out there in the world to take your focus off your blessings and goals. Start your day off right and those negative distractions will be a mere fading and won’t stick to your thoughts or soul. Perhaps, my routine isn’t right for you? However, I suggest you create a routine of gratitude, vision, healing, exercise, scripture/prayer and mantras and stick to it. When I don’t start my day off positive, I realize that my day is thrown off. Stay consistent. You will be amazed at the benefits. Your mind, body and soul will rejoice. I love you. All is well.

Read: A Proverb A Day

Affirmation: Getting my day started off right is the most important thing to do in the morning. I will begin each day with gratitude, love, vision and prayer.

Prayer: Father, once again you amaze me. You are wonderful and I praise you. I thank you for rising the sun just for me each morning. Lord, help me to create and maintain a morning routine that starts my day off the right way. I realize that I need to have that morning prayer, quiet time and devotion to have a truly successful day. Its impossible without you. I thank you for your guidance, grace and love.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

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Written by Aquilla

A Believer. A Wife. A Mom. A Writer. Continuously chasing after wisdom. Desiring to share whats being learned on this beautiful journey called life. All In hopes to encourage, uplift and motivate.


  1. L Miller says:

    Thank you for this post!! This very topic has been on my heart for a few weeks.

    • Aquilla Hicks says:

      L Miller, you are welcome. I pray that you develop a great routine that fills your heart with joy and your mind with peace, that remains with you throughtout the day. Thanks for reading :o)

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