Bag Lady…You Gon Hurt Yo Back

Bag Lady


Draggin all them bags like that. Cousin Erykah wasn’t talking about your Michael Kors, your Samsonite, or your Coach bags. She was talking about your fears, your doubts, depression, low self esteem, and anything else thats keeping you from achieving the greatness you have inside of you.

Don’t get me wrong, you are already great, and don’t let anyone tell you any different, but we all have those things in our past that we let linger on in the back of our minds that don’t do us any good. We do have to take responsibility for those things and not put the blame on others for every bad situation in our past. If we really take an honest look at ourselves, we can pinpoint where we went wrong.

For instance, I used to wonder in my younger days why I wasn’t married by the time 25 rolled around. First off, that wasn’t God’s plan. He laughs at our plans, especially when they don’t line up with His will for our life. Thinking back, He was protecting my fool self. If I had married anyone from my past, I would be divorced right now. I wasn’t ready for the work that goes into a marriage then. Second, I had to look at myself…hard. Was I representing myself and my values well? I can honestly say no. The young men out here in these streets were only interested in what they saw on the outside, not who I really was on the inside. Do I blame them? Nope. I didn’t care to be vulnerable during that time in my life. I was ashamed of my hobbies and interests. I didn’t feel like anyone would understand me. I was really hurting at that point in time in my life, but the odd thing was I thought that someone “loving” me would take away all of that pain. What really happened is that I piled more “bags” on top of the ones I already had. I was wondering why I wasn’t good enough. Did I need to dress differently? Was I smart enough? Was I attractive enough? Something finally snapped after all those years.
I had to realize who I REALLY was. I had to realize that who I was TRYING to be is not who God MADE me to be. I am the woman who loves cooking, shopping, knitting, video games, sewing, hair, makeup, technology, and probably some other things I haven’t realized yet. I am smart, creative, compassionate and sometimes a little selfish, but that’s mostly a defense mechanism. I am peculiar, God said so in 1 Peter 2:9. You know, I’ll take what God says over what a man tells me I am. Going into this new year I realized I still had some bags I had to put down. Before 2015 ended, I placed them at God’s feet, I didn’t want to carry them anymore. These old bags were doing me no good, they were holding me back from greatness.
Queen….are you tired of being a bag lady? Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go…
What are some bags you are ready to lay at God’s feet and walk away from? Tell us and use the hashtag #packlight
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