Essence Beauty Box – January 2016

I have some goodies for you today! I just received the Essence Beauty Box for January and it is packed with beauty goodness y’all! It comes in a really pretty box (I am a sucker for pretty packaging) and includes a card that describes each product in the box.

This month’s theme is Pamper Party. The box includes 5 products:
Leaders Baby Soft Foot Mask
Laqa Lip Pencil
Julep Nail Polish
Shea Terra Rose Hips Black Soap
TGIN Green Tea Leave In
What I love about the Essence Beauty Box is that is has products I will actually use and that are affordable if I decide to buy a full size of the product. I had subscribed to another beauty box in the past and the full size products I honestly wouldn’t pay the money for. I love that the Essence Beauty Box sends products that us brown girls would be interested in.
Let’s get into these products, shall we?
Leaders Baby Soft Foot Mask ($5) – This one is a keeper. It is a foot mask that you apply by putting a plastic sock on. The instructions state that your feet should be clean…of course. You then put on the “socks” and leave them on for about 20-30 minutes. After removing, pat/rub the leftover moisturizing solution into your feet. Being pregnant, I can’t get to my feet as easy as I used to to scrub my heels. It’s so tiring, but I get it done. This mask is NOT an exfoliating mask (Leaders does make one that can be found on Amazon), but a moisturizing one. I recommend using this after an exfoliation session. When I tried it, I hadn’t done a thorough exfoliation, I got to see the true moisturizing properties of this mask. It left my feet, even those heels SOFT. I can only imagine how my feet would feel after a good scrubbing.
Laqa Lip Pencil ($20) – Keeper #2! This lip pencil is creamy and super pigmented. The product glides on so easily. The pencil is also retractable like a lipstick. The product doesn’t go all the way down if it’s brand new but over time it will. I took a look at the Laqa website and they have these lovely pencils in plenty of brown girl friendly colors. The colors are long lasting as well.
Julep Nail Polish in Jess ($14) – As an avid nail polish collector, I have been a fan of Julep nail polish (their skin care is nice too!) for a while. They always have a deal going on and you can try out their products for cheap. Their polishes feature an Oxygen Technology that allows the polish to dry faster and allows the nails to breathe which promotes healthy nails and nail growth. The color in the Essence Beauty Box is called Jess. It’s a dark burgundy/brown color. It’s not a color I would have picked for myself but I have taken a liking to it. I swatched it with no base or top coat and yes, it dried that shiny! I may actually do a full mani with this one. You can check them out at
Shea Terra Rose Hips Black Soap ($18) – I actually did not try this product for 2 reasons. One, I over exfoliated my face the night before and this is an exfoliating deep cleanser. Two, I was kind of leery as rose hips aren’t recommended for the pregnant folks. I’ll have to do a bit more research on that. They may just be talking about ingesting it via tea, but I wanted to be safe. This product has a thick, molasses like consistency which I think is helpful since the instructions state that you leave the cleanser on for 5-10 minutes. It is a 100% natural product for all skin types. Black soap is touted as a wonder soap that not only cleanses well but helps with clearing up acne and has great anti-aging properties. From their website, this soap is what started the black soap craze and it works like a natural microdermabrasion treatment. It claims to even skin tone, get rid of dead skin, and fight acne. I will definitely try this out post baby…I love great skincare!
TGIN Green Tea Leave In ($15) – This was another product I did not test out. Why? I just got my hair done when this came in. I actually just saw on Instagram that TGIN products are available at Sally Beauty Supply. They are currently running a special of buy 2 get 1 free and you get a free duffle bag. TGIN stands for Thank God I’m Natural. They also sell body products as well as the hair products on their site . The products are packed with natural ingredients and are also safe for children. I do plan on using this when I go back to washing my own hair. I am currently transitioning to natural. I have not had a relaxer touch up since June 24, 2015. This seems like a good product to assist with detangling. I’m going to keep my eye on this product line.
I recommend you sign up for this monthly box. It is $15/month and they have deals if you want to get 6 months or a year at a time. You may cancel your subscription anytime. You can sign up HERE
*all opinions of the products mentioned are my own. The subscription was paid for with my own money.*
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