Fear Not! Five Steps to Walking Out Your Purpose

Fear Not - Five Steps to Walking Out Your PurposeI previously wrote a series on how to find your purpose. For six weeks I posted a new article on how you can learn what you are passionate about and what you are destined to achieve. If you haven’t read those articles, I suggest you go back and dig through them. There’s some great nuggets dropped throughout. But now that we have found purpose, how do we consistently, insistently, and persistently walk in it? Walking out your purpose is not an easy thing to do. I would contend that finding it is the easy part. But maintaining a laser focus and staying on path day by day is the hard part. 

Many times there is only ONE thing that stands in the way of walking out your purpose. That thing is FEAR. Fear is a paralyzer. It will cause you to see obstacles that are not in fact real. It will cause you to second guess yourself, your talents, your abilities, your worth. It will make you feel like all eyes are on you, when in fact, no one is really more concerned about you than you. So I want to give you five steps to put you on the path to fearlessly and unashamedly walking out your purpose.

  1. Make an unarguable decision to pursue your passion. This may sound obvious, but I believe the reason we waver and stall so much is because we simply have not made a decision that is irrevocable. We leave our purpose to chance, which is totally contrary to the meaning of purpose itself. You have to be intentional and unwavering when it comes to doing what your heart’s intent is. So make the decision today that no matter what happens or how many distractions come to sidestep you, you will pursue your purpose.
  2. Write the vision. There’s something about writing things down in your own handwriting that makes a permanent mark in your mind. If you are a visual person, get a vision board. Either way, you should have something that you can reference when times get hard, you get confused or discouraged and you need an extra push in the right direction. I have notes, notebooks, journals, and vision boards all over the place. You need a road map to get you to your destination.
  3. Break down huge goals into small steps. Sometimes we start off well intended but when we don’t see the results we want or as time and excitement pass we put things on the shelf. Either that or we get so paralyzed by looking at the huge mountain instead of chipping away at it until it becomes small rocks that we can handle. Walking out your purpose is a life-long journey. You won’t be completely finished until you expire. But by breaking down your purpose into goals (short and long-term) and by breaking those goals into steps, you are planning the end from the beginning.
  4. Maintain a planner. One of my mentors says, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. This is exceptionally true. If you don’t write down your plans and schedule time for them, your time will manage you and before you know it, you will be complaining you don’t have time. Make the main thing the main thing. This goes back to being intentional about what you are doing. Schedule everything you do each day and watch how much you get accomplished.
  5. Allow grace and rest. We aren’t pursuing perfection, we’re pursuing purpose. Your life’s path will not look perfect and no one else’s is either. So don’t buy into the idea that someone else is doing better than you are. (I’m preaching to ME right here) Purpose is a long journey, so you have to allow yourself to rest and the grace to make mistakes along the way. You wouldn’t take a long road trip without resting when needed. If you are really looking to enjoy yourself, you will take the exits to see the sights. That’s what makes for a memorable trip. Be gracious with yourself and the mistakes you make along the way won’t sting so bad or discourage you.

There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t hear from some other lady that she wants to start a business, find what else there is for her to accomplish in life, or that she’s stuck in a rut and can’t find her way out. The most common theme in these conversations is that she is wrestling with fear. Let me encourage you to move – whether you know it all (and you don’t) or not. Whether you have all of the resources together (and you don’t) or not. Whether everyone is cheering you on (and they won’t) or not. You have to be accountable for the time you spend on earth. You are here for a distinct purpose and I guarantee you it is for much more than going to work at 9 AM and leaving at 5 PM. Because I want you to start your 2016 on the right foot, I am hosting an intimate workgroup of like-minded women. For four weeks we will work through our stumbling blocks, encourage one another, hold each other accountable, pray, and celebrate victories together. If you are interested in joining us, click this link for more information.

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