God Inspired Ideas

God inspired ideas

Sometimes I have so many ideas I can hardly stand it. I used to become so upset with my mind’s inability to quiet down but I’ve since learned to embrace it as a gift. I used to take it for granted and think everybody had a barrage of ideas all the time. But I realized that this is who I am and who I have always been. See, I was raised as an only child in a single parent home. Imagination was how I made it through my childhood. I didn’t always have anyone to play with, my mom often worked 12 to 16 hour days to make it for us, so I was left with my grandmother a lot until she passed when I was 12. So to occupy my time I would just make up all kinds of crazy scenarios and games to act out and my grandmother and mother rarely told me anything was impossible. I recently realized this train of thought has channeled itself into my adulthood. In despair, I once asked God, “WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS!?” His reply was simply, “because you believe.” I was in despair because I kept getting all these business ideas and strategies but I felt that in my finiteness I would never be able to bring them all to fruition. I have a mental library with shelves upon shelves of ideas that I don’t even entertain because I just don’t have the time right now – maybe one day. But what I do know is that once you have that one idea (or 5) that makes you go “BOOM! THAT’S IT!” you have to move on it. It is then that God’s grace becomes sufficient for you. I am a firm believer in Philippians 1:6:

being confident of this very thing, that he who has begun a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Jesus Christ.

God inspired ideas only require you to believe and obey. It is really not for you to stress to figure them out or to finagle how to bring them to fruition. Once you take the first step toward making it happen out of obedience to what you hear in your “gut” the next step and the step after that will be laid out for you. This is what I believe the bible meant when it speaks of God ordering our steps. But until you actually move, your steps can’t be ordered. God inspired ideas are usually huge, scary, unattainable in our own strength. But if you allow His strength to be made perfect in your weakness, you will experience a miracle before your very eyes.

I have had some huge, imaginative ideas in my lifetime. I still have them on a fairly regular basis. What I can’t do or act upon, I still put in the atmosphere by way of encouraging and coaching other entrepreneurs when they get stuck. Some plant seeds, some water them, and others reap the harvest. It is not my job to force anything to come to fruition. Farmers don’t force crops to grow – they nurture them. And once those crops grow, more seed is multiplied and they’re able to sow even more. This is how I like to think of the God inspired ideas I have. They keep coming to me because I keep planting them. God brings the ideas, all He requires is that we put in the work.

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Written by Chanelle

A predictably unpredictable, smart & witty Christ follower who loves entrepreneurship, serving and encouraging others and bursting into fits of uncontrollable laughter.


  1. Tabitha D. says:

    Awesome! Thank you, Chanelle Renee for inspiring me & others through FB & blog. We all need an extra push of motivation and encouragement, this blog site seems to be nothing but that…a positive push toward Gods plan. Thank you! I look forward to reading and finally putting dreams in to action THiS YEAR! Happy 2016!!

    • Chanelle says:

      Thanks so much for the glowing comment! I feel that this is a huge part of my purpose, so it is a pleasure to be able to speak life into you and other ladies! We’re each great in our own right. Sometimes we just need an extra boost to realize the greatness within.

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