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The above is a painting of a pretty rough storm, looks like a possible hurricane. The hurricane looks very intimidating and scary. It looks as though this storm has the strength to make some serious damage; knocking down trees, forcing rocks to fall and causing the ocean’s waves to rage. Where would you be in this storm? For the average person if we were in a storm of this magnitude; we would run and hide in fear. Most would lose sleep and our peace mind, worrying about our home and if insurance would cover damage, our kids and their safety, our business and cars etc. Would you be able to be at peace in this storm? If you look closely at the bottom center of painting, you will see a baby bird nestled away in the rocks; calm, peaceful and not bothered. Although the bird is in midst of a storm, this small precious creature is not moved by it. He is resting well. Trusting all will be well.  I’m convinced this is the way God wants us to be during our storms.


Over 10 years ago, I saw this painting, “Peace in the Midst of the Storm” by Jack E. Dawson on a whim, looking through a magazine or book. When I saw it, it had no caption no verse just the painting. My first thought was “Powerful”. As I was looking at the painting, all I could focus on was the storm, I didn’t even notice the baby bird. Yet, once I noticed the bird, I immediately understood the message. The painting didn’t resonate as much in heart when I was younger as it does now. Many years later, after experiencing, heartache, loss, pain, trial and many storms, I have come to realize to me this masterpiece is an illustrated message of so many bible verses, including Psalm 32:7


You are a hiding place for me. You protect me from my troubles. You surround me and protect me, so I sing about the way you saved me. Psalm 32:7 -ERV


The past few weeks has been challenging for me. I rest in a few storms myself. Two of my dear friends passed away, two family members was diagnosed with cancer and some other personal issues. I found myself tossed and turned by the storm. Along with these challenges, other responsibilities as a mom and wife still came into place. Fear and anxiety began to sink in with some overwhelming worry and pain. All I could do was focus on the issues and hand. Yet, in prayer and in quiet time with Jesus, He revealed to just rest in thoughts of Him. Which brought Isaiah 26:3 to mind.


You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Isaiah 26:3 -ESV


Ladies After Wisdom (L.A.W.), are you going through a difficult season in your life? Death of a loved one, financial issues, health issues, heartache? My ladies, it is very simple to get overwhelmed and drowned by issues and storms of life. It’s easy to constantly think and worry about our trials. Yet, I challenge you to focus on Jesus. Focus on his goodness and greatness. Focus on all your many blessings and the rainbow after the storm. During our storms in life, their are many lessons to be learned and great wisdom to be obtained in each trial. Let me encourage you to trust God. Trusting God, is knowing that all will be well. L.A.W. (Ladies After Wisdom), stay in your word and get some quiet time alone each day with God. God wants us to come to Him. When you begin to wrestle with the worries of your storm just put your mind on Jesus and all your many blessings. Find bible verses that relate to your situation and rest in His promises and what He has to say about it.

When the storm came, that baby bird did all he could do, which was find a place to rest easy and wait for the storm to pass. As our trials come, we must do the same. Do all that we can do, what we can’t do we trust God with and believe all will be well. Rest easy Ladies ;o). All is well. I love you.


Read: Philippians 4, Isaiah 26:3, Psalm 32:7


Affirmation: This storm will pass. I rest easy, knowing and trusting God that all is well.


Prayer: Father, I love you. I praise You for Your goodness and mercy. You are perfect. Father, in Your word You let us know that trials would come, but for us to be at peace. Father, although I know what your word says, to be honest it’s hard not to wrestle with worries and what-if’s. So often we find ourselves overwhelmed with anxiety and fear. My prayer Lord, is that You would help me to focus on You and Your love. Help me Father, to be strong and rise above the issues at hand. Bless me Lord, to think on things that are pure, true, beautiful and respected. Thank You Lord for Your peace.


In Jesus Name, Amen

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