5 Stages of The Process


In life, we will have to face many shifts and transitions that may cause us to become weary and defeated at times. It is in those moments that we must be even more aware of what God is doing, saying and preparing for us. WE MUST BE OPEN TO OUR PROCESS… Whether good or bad, there are certain things we have to endure, in order to gain the lessons of each journey. God has recently revealed to me how important The Process is in every shift of life.

In Mark 5:35-43, Jesus shows us, through the life of Jairus’ daughter, how significant The Process is in 5 Key Stages. Each stage holding its own weight and need to the full picture of this young girls’ life.

The First Stage: The Wait… In Mark 5:35, Jesus was bringing completion to the women with the issue of blood, when Jairus’s servants returned to tell him how the little girl had died. Jesus already knew that there was a need concerning her, but was already in The Process of fulfilling the need of someone else. There will be times when God will have us STOP AND STAND STILL to wait for what he has planned. The Waiting period isn’t always easy, but very much so necessary to our growth. During the wait, we learn to quiet everything and release what has been weighing on us, so that we are ready to move forward with God, instead of without him.

The Second Stage: The Following… In Mark 5:37, Jesus began to move forward but only requiring the presence of Peter and James. Why was this? Because during your time of WAITING, God will begin to reveal and bring into your life those people who HE has called to assist you in your process. These people follow the heart of God and desires the same purpose and plan that he has for your life. They are GODLY ADDITIONS through your journey. They may only be there for a second, hour, month or even years… but what they have to bring is needed for your advancement.

The Third Stage: The Removal… In Mark 5:39-40, Jesus had noticed a group of weepers that were mourning the death of the little girl, but when he corrected what they were speaking, they laughed and ridiculed him and HE PUT THEM OUT. Before anything can happen in your life, you must make sure that you allow God to remove anyone or anything that is celebrating your death. Jesus cleaned house before he addressed the issue. You can’t live where no life is being birthed. There are some people who should have been removed years ago, some things that should have never been attached to you, and some words that should have never been spoken over you. Whatever it may be, God says, IT MUST GO!!!!!!

The Fourth Stage: The Rebirth… In Mark 5:41, Jesus comes to the little girl, grabs her hand and speaks two words… Talitha Cumi. (Daughter of God, Arise) He Touched Her… He Spoke Life to Her… And just like that, she AWAKEN. His touch gave her Hope, Peace, Love and Healing, but his words brought LIFE. When God meets you in your place of slumber, he will come in ready to RESTORE all that had been taken from you. He comes to give you back your desire to LIVE IN JOY and FREEDOM. He comes to speak life to all those dead areas that have held you captive and kept you bound. He comes to remove death off your finance, family, health, job, mind… He comes boldly shouting, “TALITHA CUMI!!!!!” Daughter of God Arise and Live within ME.

The Fifth Stage: The Renewal…. In Mark 5:43, Jesus commanded that no one is to know of what had just happen and that the little girl be fed. There are some moments that we will endure that is ONLY meant for US and our Father God. Those “Gentle Passing” times that we are able to think back, smile and say… THANK YOU LORD. In our Thank You, is the memory of how he refilled our spirit and life with his presence and words. How at one time, we were considered unwanted, unneeded, unloved and rejected by everyone BUT GOD.

These 5 Stages have given me a clear and open understanding of how important The Process is in every part of my journey. Knowing that while I WAIT, God is bringing a different FOLLOWING to aid in the REMOVAL and assist in the REBIRTH of my RENEWAL. I pray that God continues to guide you through the process’ of your life. Don’t allow yourself to be broken by it, but reassured that as long as God is with you, the end result will ALWAYS BE VICTORIOUS!!!!! So TALITHA CUMI my sisters. ARISE AND LIVE!!!!!!!

*My name is Shoneice Hurston, your guest blogger,and I am a woman who desires to touch the lives of other girls and women who have lost their sense of self and hope for life. GOD has shown me GRACE, LOVE and FREEDOM through my stages of DIVORCE, MISCARRIAGES AND LOW SELF WORTH. I’m so HONORED AND GRATEFUL to have been given this platform to share GODS BEAUTY with you, and I hope and pray that what I’ve shared, will add to your life in some shape or form. THANK YOU Aquilla Hicks for being such an amazing woman and sister of GOD to me, and for always speaking life to my gifts. – Shoniece.Hurston@gmail.com

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  1. Adina M Williams says:

    I loved it. Thank you for letting God use you and displaying you God given talents. This has blessed me tremendously. As your friend and sister in Christ, I completely support you. Love you and thank you for inspiring me to embrace my journey and my process that I may raise young women that will continue to do the same.

  2. Shauna says:

    Awesome breakdown and message.. God uses our testimony to help heal and save others. I pray this message is received by all who read it.

  3. Aquilla Hicks says:

    Thank You for using your gift ;o)

  4. Tori S. says:

    Great breakdown of the scripture! Thank God for His word!

  5. Laurence Lemons says:

    Well done! Im so excited about your future. We have to always use the 4 basic needs that God gives us. Love, value, self esteem and self worth. God bless

  6. tiffany sangster says:

    Very beautiful sometime it’s so uncomfortable to let people in your life beacause of the negativity they bring. But to open up your ❤ and speak to other lady’s about your life it is amazing your situation and your goals you just never know some one pain or story. Until they reveil it GOD BLESS you and may all that read this feel free like i did keep up the awesome words ….sincerely mrs tiffany sangster.

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