Are You an Alpha Woman?

Recently, a post came across my Facebook timeline that I shared. It outlined characteristics of an Alpha Woman. As I read it, of course I compared my life to it to see if I met the perceived standards. Yep, I measured up. I then had conversations with a few friends on different occasions about what it meant to be an Alpha Woman and it made me think about the implications. Here are the standards:

She is pro-womanalpha woman

She cultivates a life she enjoys

She makes her move

She doesn’t put herself down

She desires a partner, not a boyfriend

She calls people out

She knows when to walk away

She does not compete for attention

She creates her reality

She invests in herself

She dares to go for “it”

She knows the life she lives may be intimidating, but she lives anyway


That sounds like a lot to live up to, but if I had to sum up an Alpha Woman, I would simply say she is CONFIDENT. Being confident as a woman can sometimes be seen as brash, bossy, bitchy, or other negative connotations. It’s because we’re socialized to believe that women should be “seen and not heard” or that our place is in the home. I do believe that confident women have a unique brand of grace that men typically don’t. I’m trying not to generalize, but for many men, the air of confidence comes with braggadocio and boastful swagger. Men can be forceful and it is seen as strength. Not so much for a woman – and I’m totally ok with that. The stride in our walk, the way we hold our heads and our ability to lead from behind while never saying a word is what makes an Alpha Woman. Living on our own terms without fear of what others think makes an Alpha Woman. Being a victor in whatever situation and however the cards are dealt is the fiber of an Alpha Woman.

I watch so many women via social media and even in person try so desperately to exude confidence only to attract a man’s attention. Others cut other women off at the knees to get a promotion or some position they covet. And even more find a reason to beef with another sister either over a man or for some petty reason that doesn’t even deserve the energy of the grudge. Sis, let me encourage you that your purpose gives you the worth you are seeking. You aren’t validated by the relationship you are in, the job you have or by downing another sister to make yourself feel better. You stand tall on your own merit. You are worth it. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Crafted by design for God’s very own pleasure.

Are you an Alpha woman?


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Written by Chanelle

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