Desiring Rejection


Desiring RejectionFear of rejection is something that keeps most of us bound to settling for much less than what God has for us. We don’t ask that special someone we’ve been admiring out because we’re afraid that he/she might say no, so we just date who approaches us. We don’t go after the job promotion we desperately desire because we’re afraid we don’t have enough experience and someone else is qualified. We don’t apply for the loan or search for the home because we’re afraid our credit won’t qualify us. But I am learning that desiring rejection – not being afraid of it but running toward it – opens more doors and stretches my faith beyond my small comfort zone.

I have been encouraging and praying with a friend as she has been doing the same for me. She and I both are seeking God for the manifestation of delayed hopes. We wish to move forward in business/career, relationships and purpose. So I prayed this morning for strategy. I asked God to show me what my act of faith was and what I should do to move ahead. I heard so clearly, “stretch out on your faith. Take larger leaps. You are still operating in your comfort zone. Your faith can only take you as far as your mind and actions allow it. According to your faith be it unto you.”

It was then that I realized I needed to leap beyond the fear of rejection – letting opportunities pass me by and settling for the low hanging fruit. I needed to stretch upward and outward and start desiring rejection. Here’s the thing – nothing that was ever meant for me has escaped me. If I truly believe God, I know that even rejection is a part of His plan and it is guiding my feet toward the open door that He has for me. It isn’t that I’m actually asking to be rejected. It is that I am putting myself in a place to receive an answer to a prayer or desire, whatever that answer may be.  

There are many instances in the Bible of people who stretched out on their faith and were not sure of the outcome. We sometimes limit ourselves with logic, but faith never makes sense. If it did, we would be able to accomplish the miraculous in our own strength without relying on God to do the work in and through us. So let me encourage you to start desiring rejection. It sounds so counterintuitive, but what it does is takes the sting and the fear out of it and causes you to rise up in power. And the very same power that raised Christ from the dead lives within you. So if God be for you, who can really be against you?

What or who are you afraid of being rejected from? You can’t conquer what you are not willing to confront. Let me DARE you to stand in the face of possible rejection and go after all that your heart desires. The BEST that can happen is that your steps are ordered. 

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Written by Chanelle

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