Finding Time for Your Side Hustle


Finding Time For Your Side HustleIf you struggle with finding time for your side hustle, I posit that you either aren’t passionate or desperate enough to make it happen. There. I said it. I know many people might have issue with me saying this. You may cringe or want to argue back at me virtually (go ahead, I can’t hear you anyway). But the truth of the matter is, you have time. You just aren’t using your time wisely.

In my Fear Not workshop, one of the things I stress to my participants is stewarding your time wisely. If you don’t make plans for your time, your time ends up making plans for you. You will look up months down the line wondering what happened and how you got there. I know. I struggle with being what Napoleon Hill calls a drifter from time to time. But out of all of our resources, our time is the only things we can’t recreate. We can only maximize it.

Finding time for your side hustle means being intentional – almost obsessive about the things you do and with whom you spend your time. One of the exercises I have the Fear Not participants do is block their calendar for a week. I have them go about their regular activities but write down every single thing they do. You know what they found? A lot of wasted time. Social media was the #1 killer of time. Other than that, it was time spent sitting at their kids’ games or commuting.

As a solution, one of the participants took her side project to work with her, worked through her lunch and left work an hour early. She then went to Starbucks to post up and work on her hustle until rush hour traffic died down. At that point she could drive home with a clear mind, stress free and get focused for the next day. Now that’s what I call effective time management! Another said she started taking her computer to her kid’s practices and worked on things there.

I spend 4 hours per week on the train commuting. Typically this is the time I read my devotional, check and respond to emails and get social media out the way. Then when I get to work I can focus on other things. Once I am off work, I exercise and chill for the evening. Luckily I have a half day of work on Thursdays and I am off Fridays. I spend this time working on the things I am passionate about. 8-10 hours per week is a lot of time if you are focused.

Finding time for your side hustle is not hard. Even if you spend an hour per day doing something to move the needle forward, you are getting ahead. So stop making excuses as to why you can’t focus on your side hustle. You can, you just have to want it bad enough. This coming week, I challenge you to write down in your calendar everything you do from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. If your calendar is packed to the gills with no breathing room, learn how to delegate or prioritize. Always give yourself a Sabbath’s rest – you need it to be productive. But don’t sit around another week saying what you can’t do. Virtuous women are not idle! I believe in you! No go after it!

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