Wax Crumbles/Scenterpiece Review

wax crumbles scenterpiece

I have some new goodies for ya! In the never ending quest of making sure my Chateau smells less like a high school football player and more like a tropical oasis, I ran across a lovely site called Wax Crumbles. I saw someone post the products on Instagram and that made me mosey on over and take a peek. I am a sucker for home fragrance products, and this was right up my alley. Wax Crumbles are essentially crumbled up candles with amazing scents. When you receive your package, you can smell it before opening. The owner is a young man named Brandon who has an amazing story of triumph over depression and how he used his gifts to do so. Back to the products! The crumbles come in many different scents, and he has restock events pretty regularly. The cool thing about the restock events is that he brings back discontinued scents and also releases new scents. Let’s get into what I purchased! I actually had more from this order (and placed an order during the most recent restock), but I didn’t want you judging my life!

  • Juicy Pineapple
  • Spring Rain
  • Frootie Loopers
  • Amish Friendship Bread
  • Pink Stressless
  • Red Velvet Cake
  • White Spring
  • Summer Coconut
  • Mojito (freebie because I spent too much money!)


wax crumbles

Some of the scents I purchased are not available anymore (insert sad face). The scents smell EXACTLY like their names and the throw is no joke!

You are probably wondering what the doohickey is in the first pic. That, my friends, is a Yankee Candle Scenterpiece. You can burn the crumbles in a wax melter with a candle under it, or something like the Scenterpiece. The girl at Yankee Candle talked me into getting this. I like it a lot. What I ended up doing was taking the YC Scenterpiece cup and melting it and dumping the wax out and put my Wax Crumbles in. I am still on the hunt for empty cups, but I haven’t had any success. I would say having to use the cups is the only bad thing about the warmer. I also found with using the warmer, I end up using more Crumbles, which is fine as I keep using the same scent for a while. I may invest in a smaller melter with a candle to switch to other scents. The melter has a timer on it for 3, 6, and 9 hours and it does not get hot on the outside at all. They come in many different styles and price points ranging from $20-$35. Some are fancy and have lights inside of them as well.

I definitely recommend you get your life and get into these Wax Crumbles. The Scenterpiece I recommend if you are like me and tend to forget candles are burning since it has a timer. Every time Wax Crumbles has a restock, I’m like:



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