Boundaries In The Bedroom: Removing the 3 T’s

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The bedroom. For the married couple, should be full of bliss, comfort and affection. However, if there are distractions in other areas of the home that are allowed in the bedroom, it can cause some road blocks and unnecessary bumps. To increase that intimacy, communication and peace that is truly desired within marriage, I’ve learned that removing these 3 T’s from your bedroom is a great beginning.   

No Tiff’s. Every married couple has their fair share of disagreements. I’ve come to learn that most disagreements can cause some form of lingering tension in the relationship. Have your ever heard the saying Don’t go to bed angry? Well, it’s hard to go to bed angry or with tension when arguing isn’t allowed in the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, the conscious effort needs to be made to release tension and enjoy one another.


No T.V. We all have our favorite shows that we watch. It’s always a good feeling to come home from work settle down for the day and catch up on some episodes. However, if our spouse were to come into the bedroom, would we turn the TV off? It’s important that we create an environment where our spouses feel welcomed, appreciated and attended to. TV can always be watched in other areas of the home.


No Telephones. Cell phones have become such a major distraction in marriage. I once read that it’s a leading cause of divorce. We have become so addicted to social media. The bedroom is the place to show your spouse that there is no other person or event that is more important than he is at that moment. I know it’s hard, but set boundaries on the cellphone usage in the bedroom.


L.A.W. (Ladies After Wisdom), I must confess. I started making and following through with these boundaries a while ago. Communication, intimacy and peace definitely increased in our marriage. Yet, I (we) got lazy and wanted the TV back in the bedroom, I became a bit obsessed with my phone and rather that waiting for the right time to approach my husband with a disagreement, I addressed him in the bedroom at times. So, I wouldn’t be a good leader/example if I gave the advice and didn’t take it. Through conviction, I am being led to recommit to those boundaries. To tighten up those loose ends.


“…we are not ignorant of Satan’s devices.” 2 Corinthians 2:11


Ladies After Wisdom (L.A.W.), lets not be ignorant of what the enemy truly desires to see happening within our marriages. Separation, confusion and chaos. We must keep at the forefront of our thoughts that our marriages above all, are meant to glorify God. Don’t allow the enemy to cause a wedge. A distraction is anything that prevents someone from giving their full attention to something. How do you feel when you don’t have the undivided attention of your spouse? Me? I feel left out, hurt and a bit irritated. It may not be in every situation that we can give one another undivided attention and that’s ok. Yet, we can commit to giving one another our full attention in the bedroom. Discuss setting boundaries in the bedroom with your spouse. Create a blissful sanctuary for just the two of you. L.A.W., I pray for you daily. I love you. All is well ;o).


Read: 2 Corinthians 2:11


Wisdom Affirmation: Setting boundaries is a great thing, it will only enhance my marriage.


Prayer: Father, it’s me again. Thank You for today. Thank You for my many blessings. Father, I am aware that marriage is a ministry. I love the ministry that you have blessed me with. Father, there are many distractions that keep me from fully submitting to this ministry. I pray that You lead me to be selfless and disciplined. Bless our bedroom Lord to be filled with intimacy, humor, communication and peace.


In Jesus Name, Amen

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