Tales From an “Empty” Womb

Tales of an (2)

For those without children with a time clock that appears to get louder day by day, the possibility of not becoming a parent brings about sadness and doubt until you realize that God may have other plans.

With this being my first blog that I have written ever in life, I prayerfully asked God what to write about. So with that being said, this blog entry will be a bit on a transparent note. So, here we go!

Lately, I have been watching videos posted by friends with their children shared on Facebook and other social media sites, watching children at my church play and laugh, and little ones being pushed in strollers past the doorway of my home (here comes the baby fever!). I long for the chance when I can be in charge of another person’s life. To watch and see this little person develop and obtain their own identity and personality. To sit and answer countless questions of why, how come, and what for. To roll on the floor and laugh hysterically with this God given creature that would hold my heart inside of its little hands with my heart strings tied around its little fingers until the day I leave this earth. I shake my head at the parent(s) that take all of these things for granted. Do they know how Blessed they are? Will they ever know how Blessed they are? These children have assignments and callings attached them, they arrive here with destinies that will need to be nurtured and fed daily.

As I stand here in this current state of a naturally empty womb, I wrestle with God on a constant basis the reasoning on why being a natural parent is withheld from me. To give a little background, I once was married and divorced –no children, and even was in certain situations where a baby could have very well been a possibility in the making- no babies. Currently I am single so the thought or idea of becoming a mother seems far away because I believe in marriage first then children. Who knows when that may happen! God willing!

After continuous prayer, God addressed the state of my naturally empty womb. He told me you have children on the way, just not the way that you imagined. Of course I probed and prayed for more answers. God revealed that my spiritual womb will be filled with spiritual children before it can be filled with natural children. He revealed to me that my purpose was to help deliver destinies. He said you are a midwife. Which made perfect sense because at one point and time I wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse. God has desired for me to be just that, but in the spirit!

So for those that are bearing the pain of not having natural children either you are physically able to or not, God may very well be calling on you to nurture and care for HIS children. This could be your home girl, a co-worker, mother, aunt, and uncle, anyone that has a work that has been commissioned by God. Help them push out the assignments they buried deep inside, help them fulfill the call’s that were predestined before time before they let their purpose on this Earth die. Give a word of inspiration, a kind acknowledgement, a helping hand, become a mentor. Help God’s people push out what is growing inside of them ! You could very well be a midwife to the next president of the United States!  As Shiphrah and Puah in the Bible (Exodus 1:15-21) helped deliver the Hebrew babies and refused to kill the baby boys, God then blessed them with families of their own. They helped birth destinies!  Your closed up womb may very well be an assignment yet fulfilled! Stay encouraged for God has commissioned a greater work from you than you could ever imagine. You no longer have an empty womb but one full of promise!

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Written by Ralinda McCoy

Spiritual heart Dr on a mission to heal, UPlift, and encourage the human spirit for Jesus Founder and CEO of #ThePofMe LLC est. 2018 Book Release August 11, 2018! (full title TBA soon)


  1. Tasha Moore says:


  2. Lisa Pina-Awosika says:

    This is beautiful. Great job.

  3. Antoinesse Wooley says:

    Beautifully written!!!

  4. Tasha Mac says:

    Great Read!!

  5. Billie Graves says:

    Great word!!! Just the beginning of what GOD has in-store for you..in the voice of the mid-wife ” keep pushing” .

  6. Manisha S Winston says:

    Thank you for allowing us into your world, this was a beautiful read!

  7. Liz N says:

    What a beautiful way of sharing. Thank you for your honesty and courage to share. I treasure my children and can only say that a mother’s love is like no other; a mother is someone who gives it all without expecting anything in return, who content in knowing that her acts of nurture and care are selfless. You are a mother, not one of children genetically yours but rather a mother who is loved by all who makes room for her in the hearts that she has touched.
    Chin up, God’s plan for you is great.

    • Ralinda McCoy says:

      Thank you sooooo much liz! I truly believe great works are ahead! Thanking God for the temporary peace and quiet i have now!

  8. Kenya says:

    I love it Ralinda. Great read!!!

  9. L Miller says:


    This was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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