Quietly Answered Prayers


quietly answered prayersHave you ever had a quietly answered prayer? Think about it. I’m certain that you have. I know that I have and recently I have just been extremely grateful for God doing things undercover.

Sometimes miracles go undetected. We always look for spectacular displays of the supernatural .We want to “feel” it. This is because of our tangible, fleshly nature. But sometimes those quietly answered prayers are those that mean the most. Let me explain. Recently I was in a spiritual and emotional battle. I simply wanted to be free, at peace and be happy. Nothing more or less. I was just tired of fighting.

I took a huge leap of faith to get me to the place of resolve that I needed to find. It was a “by any means necessary” type of situation. I prayed and asked God to show me what my act of faith was and He did. It wasn’t what I wanted to do, but it was what I needed to do. You see, when we ask for things, we need to be prepared to be obedient to act on whatever God is speaking into our spirits. But if your mind and spirit are too loud – clouded with fear, doubt or confusion – you won’t be able to hear His instructions.

Initially my act of obedience didn’t bring about the freedom, peace or happiness I deeply desired. I didn’t even get the answer I wanted to the situation at hand. I felt vulnerable and foolish and as though maybe I had even missed God in the moment. I remember waking up one morning hearing Todd Dulaney’s “Free Worshipper” and I couldn’t get the refrain out of my head. It says “thank God I’m free, and I’ll never be bound again”. This was my only sign that my prayer was answered. I was still in a bit of unrest.

Today during my train ride to work, I had a moment of reflection. I realized that what had been bothering me wasn’t even a concern anymore. I was truly free, at peace and happy. I can’t tell you when this happened. I don’t even have a WHY. I just know I found myself smiling and feeling like a weight was off of my shoulders and I have been feeling this way all week.

That quietly answered prayer has taken me into a posture of thankful praise. I am so grateful to know that God is sovereign enough to answer prayers in His way and on His time. We would like to rush the process or see some huge flash of lightning and have the seas part in order to know that we have what we have asked. That is all great and magnificent. But if we all slow down and tune in enough to a higher vibration in our spirits, we will begin to see quietly answered prayers time and again.

Take a moment to reflect. Do you have a quietly answered prayer? Take this moment to honor God. It is definitely a faith builder to know that God not only hears you, but He answers – ALWAYS.

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Written by Chanelle

A predictably unpredictable, smart & witty Christ follower who loves entrepreneurship, serving and encouraging others and bursting into fits of uncontrollable laughter.


  1. Billie Graves says:

    I love this!!! So many times we miss God in the small things.

    • Chanelle says:

      YES WE DO!! And it breeds ungratefulness. Then we wonder why things aren’t happening for us. No, they’re happening, you just missed it! LOL

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