Don’t be a Fool.


When my children have informed me on how someone has mistreated them, hurt and upset, my first reaction is to hurry and make a phone call and figure out why someone would be mistreating my babies. I’m sure any mom can relate. However, I have to remember that my little ones are not perfect, they can exaggerate at times and well Chinese telephone isn’t very accurate. After I remind myself of those things, I dismiss those non-christian thoughts of what I was going to say to the person mistreating my baby =o). Because we aren’t suppose to believe everything we hear.

“Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see”. Benjamin Franklin

I have a habit by second nature of just clicking that Facebook icon on my phone; while bored, riding in the car, or just about anytime really. Then I begin to scroll. Sometimes I can scroll for a few seconds and sometimes several minutes. While scrolling through, I come across so many stories and videos sometimes by sponsors, media, friends or just randomness that ends up in my news feed. All seem pretty legit and trust worthy. Yet, after some research and prayer I’ve come to learn that what I have read and even saw, was not really what happened at all. I’ve learned that there are so many elements to one’s perspective. There are many behind the scene events leading up to what is heard or seen that we absolutely know nothing about. And if we became aware of the behind the scene moments, we could possibly have a better judgment about the situation.

“Fools believe every word they hear, but wise people think carefully about everything”. Prov 14:15

I admit, I can be the first one to believe social media or a newspaper article and run to God in panic. Also, it’s not just the media, TV and newspaper. It’s also about personal relationships as well. We all can have a tendency of believing what we “thought” we saw or believe what someone else has shared with us…aka gossip. It’s important not to feed into that as well.  Many things don’t deserve our attention. We must learn to set boundaries and filter through unnecessary information. The Word says one who believes everything is a fool. And we don’t want to be fools do we? I came across the above quote by Benjamin Franklin, when I was in middle school and it has stuck with me for 5 years now (yes I’m only 18 =o). That quote didn’t have much meaning to me then, but it does now. Now, I have to remind myself often. Meditating on that quote and Prov 14:15 reminds me to not be so naive.

Ladies After Wisdom (LAW), are you one to run with any information that is given to you? Are you one to possibly misinterpret what you saw and harbor feelings of panic, sadness and fear. I encourage you to not be a fool. Weigh things for yourself. Find out for yourself what the truth is. Don’t end a relationship or friendship off of what you heard. Often what is heard and perceived is not a whole truth or it could possibly just be a lie.

L.A.W., sometimes the things we see and hear are true. Yet, the only way to find out if it is, is to think carefully as Prov 14:15 says and seek God in prayer. Take the time to really be led by God and not your emotions. Should it be that it is true, he will give you strength and wisdom to deal with the situation. Go to God in prayer seeking discernment. He loves to hear from you. L.A.W., I pray for you daily. I love you. All is well =o).

Read: Proverbs 14

Affirmation: I choose to be wise and seek discernment in everything I see and hear.

Prayer: Father, it’s me again. I love you so much. I give you all the praise and glory for my life. Father, there is so much information being presented to me daily. From the media, friends and co-workers. I am aware that I can’t fully discern the truth without you. Sometimes Father, sadly those things I hear and see are true and that makes me fearful, sad and disappointed. Yet Father, I know that you love me and you alone will strengthen, guide and lead me. And that gives me peace. Help me to set boundaries and filter through what I should and shouldn’t be giving attention to. Father, bless me not to be wise in my own eyes and seek you in every area of my life. Let me not be a fool. I desire to have discernment.

In Jesus name, Amen

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