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I pray often in my car, I call my car The Prayer Sanctuary. I cherish that quiet time, reflection and conversations with God as I drive. Early one morning as I was driving on my way to work, as routine, I was praying as I noticed a car quickly approaching me.  I gently moved to the side. The driver sped up and began to honk the horn. I again moved out the way, yet this time the driver aggressively pulled next to me and began to honk continuously loud. Completely distracted, thinking something was wrong; I stopped praying, slowed down and looked over. Because it was still dark outside, what happened next frightened me a bit…The driver, an older man, turned on his overhead light inside the car and began to make provocative movements with his hands and body parts toward me. I then drove off quickly, yet he followed. As I picked up speed and the phone to contact police, the car disappeared.  At a moment where I should have continued to pray, I stopped because I was distracted.

“If the enemy can’t get you to quit, he will get you distracted…Be on guard”. – Paula White

Many of us have things that we are working towards. Writing books, finishing school, marriage, kids, opening businesses, buying homes, learning a second language, traveling, weight loss goals and most importantly building a deeper relationship with God. As different events happen in life It can be easy to lose focus. All can be a great contribution to completely detouring us or slowing us down. Ever drive on the expressway and traffic slows down dramatically, putting you several minutes or hours behind your schedule? Only to notice as the traffic speeds up again, the delay was due to gapers being distracted. Watching, giving notice and paying attention to something that has no concern of them. (I confess, I’ve been one of those gapers ;o). Imagine that each distraction in life is just like that.  Slowing you down, detouring you from your goals, dreams and the plan God has for you. Putting you months and possibly years off course.

Distractions come in different forms. Being involved in the wrong relationships, entertaining bad habits, over working, greed, jealousy, social media, family issues, sickness…just about anything can be a distraction. That’s why it’s so important that we are vigilant when it comes to pursuing our purpose. So many things can cause distractions and lead us away from our purpose and can even lead us away from God. Discernment, Discernment, Discernment is the answer. Knowing what to give our full attention to and knowing what to ignore is crucial. There has been times in my life where I have been shown that I had allowed distractions to take over. After clearing knowing and understanding an assignment, I had allowed people, circumstances and situations to distract me from what I should have been focused on. Not everything deserves or needs our attention.

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” 1Peter 5:8

Ladies After Wisdom, are you someone who easily loses focus? Someone who is easily distracted? It’s important that you stay on course. It so important that you are not led astray easily. Wondering why your behind? Why you feel disconnected? It could be possibly so, that you have allowed distractions to detour you.

L.A.W., seek discernment so that you can recognize when the enemy is trying to distract you and set you off course. Each times a situation arises that your attention is drawn to, seek God. Pray that He reveals to you whether this is something you should give your time and attention to. If the answer is YES, seek wisdom on how to handle the situation while still being obedient with pursuing your initial assignment. If the answer is NO…walk away. The enemy tried to distract Jesus in the desert. What would have been the outcome had Jesus given in to that? L.A.W., be wise. I pray for you daily, I love you. All is well =o).

Read: 1 James, Matthew 4: 1-11

Affirmation: I am focused on God and the assignments He has placed in my life. I am not easily detoured nor distracted.

Prayer: Father, it’s me again. Praising You for Your perfection. I thank You for loving, leading and guiding me. Father, often I am distracted. Distracted by this world, by my circumstances and sometimes by life in general. Father, I seek to please You and to give my full attention to being obedient for what you have called me to do. Father, I ask that You forgive me for allowing distractions to lead me away from my calling. And I ask for discernment. I ask that in each situation that tries to pull me away from my focus, that You will reveal to me whether it needs my attention. Bless me Oh God, to not be ignorant of the enemies devices (2 Cor 2:11), but be vigilant in seeking You, pleasing You and being obedient.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

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Written by Aquilla

A Believer. A Wife. A Mom. A Writer. Continuously chasing after wisdom. Desiring to share whats being learned on this beautiful journey called life. All In hopes to encourage, uplift and motivate.


  1. Ralinda says:

    “Not everything deserves or needs our attention” I absolutely agree with this and what you said about having discernment regarding what does. I admit i am constantly thrown off focus with writing my seems i can focus on everything else but that..which is how i know its my God intended assisnment *sighs* ..pray for me as i pray for you Aquilla!

  2. Ralinda…”if the enemy can’t get you to quit, he will get you distracted…Be on guard”. Thank you for praying for me…I will pray for you ❤

  3. Mama says:

    Good Job! I so needed that. Thanks! Love you!

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