3 Ways To Slow Down Time

My daughter will be entering high school this upcoming fall. It seems like just yesterday she was cradled in my arms, months away from taking her first steps. As I reminisce on those precious moments, I can’t help but to wonder did I truly get to enjoy and rest in those times? The answer is possibly no. A single mother at the time, working two jobs and attending school, constantly rushing and running, a hectic life is an understatement. Many would say that Time Moves Too Fast, yet perhaps maybe We Move Too Fast.


“Lost time is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin


We live in a society where everything is moving fast. We are programmed to move quickly and speedily in everything we do. We talk fast, drive fast, eat fast, walk fast and just about everything else. As we move so quickly throughout our life, we are failing to give our undivided time and attention to what really matters. Which is enjoying life and enjoying one another. If we are moving so quickly, how is that possible? Do you ever look back over your life and wonder Where has the time gone? Your children are now having children of their own, that job that seems as though you just started you are days to retirement, that relationship/marriage is 10 years in, yet it still only feels like yesterday. Do you think you ever got to truly enjoy each of those moments? Raising children, loving your spouse, being an asset in your career? Do you ever wish you could’ve redid some things different? Talked a little longer, listened a little deeper or perhaps gave a little more? Well you can, let’s slow time down.


“Time is a wheel in constant motion always rolling us along. Tell me who, wants to look back on their years and wonder, where those years have gone”. – Lyrics from “I Hope You Dance”


Can we really slow time down? No. Time moves the same no matter who, what, when or where. Yet we can definitely learn to slow ourselves down to cherish the moments we are presently in. To really enjoy each other and most importantly to enjoy life. Here are 3 tips below.


Be Fully Engaged


My friend and I were recently discussing social media and how addicting it can be. We joked about in the past having the urge to check our accounts while driving and cooking. We weren’t able to give our undivided attention to what we were doing because we were thinking of something else. In order to slow down, we must all learn to Be Fully Engaged in what we are doing in the present moment. As we are driving, take in the scenery. As we we cook, take in the aroma. As we play with our children, take in the laughter. Do one thing at a time. No need to multitask so often. Become more aware.


Leave Yesterday in Yesterday


I love making daily lists. Writing down all that needs to be accomplished in that day. However, sometimes time doesn’t permit for all tasks to be completed. The next day, I’ll look over that list and feel a bit overwhelmed, believing that I have to carry those tasks over into today, with the added tasks of today. And then the tasks of tomorrow can creep in as well. Whew…that’s a lot to do. Yet, I have to remind myself, there are only 24hrs in a day. We must discern what’s important and what can wait. Perhaps redoing the list and prioritizing. We must leave yesterday in the past and tomorrow in the future or we will not be able to enjoy today. Prioritize your life. What’s really important?


Create and Be Grateful


We are truly blessed. No matter how much or how little we have. Blessed with life, friendships and family. When we are rushing, we don’t have the opportunity to enjoy those blessings. Deep trusting relationships are built on great conversations and beautiful actions. How many more beautiful, trusting relationships can be built in your life if we just take the time to slow down and create them. God has given us the ability to create. The ability to create a beautiful loving home, art, music, family and much more. Use your creativity to enjoy life. And everything that is created, slow down and be grateful for it.


Ladies After Wisdom, do you see your life as hectic? Always rushing, running and speeding? Are you truly able to enjoy life if it’s always in a rush? What actions are you taking to enjoy your life more? Ten years from now are you gonna have a list of shoulda, coulda, wouldas? Why not enjoy life now? Philippians 4:6 says “To anxious for nothing.” As we move too fast, that is exactly what we are doing. Some synonyms for anxious is worried, concerned, uneasy, tense, unquiet, fearful, agitated and jumpy. The list could go on. Are you having those feeling as you go about your day? In a nut shell, to rid of those feelings we must learning to prioritize. Discerning whats important and what not. Our Father desires that we are filled with peace, joy and a life full of abundance.


“Teach us how short our lives are, so that we can become wise.” – Psalm 90:12


L.A.W., each of our days are numbered and it’s only wise that we are aware of that. We don’t want to come at the end of our lives with so many regrets, with unspoken words, ungiven love and unlived experiences. As we move quickly through life we are taking many things for granted. Don’t take time for granted. It’s time that we slow down, become more aware and truly enjoy living. Spending more time with our children and less time on our phones. More time creating things and less time destroying things. Spending more time giving love rather than receiving. Ladies, slow down and cherish life. My prayer for you is that you truly have a desire to experience all the good life has to offer. L.A.W., I love you. All is well =o).


Read: Phil 4, Psalm 90:12 (one of my favorite scriptures)


Affirmation: I choose to slow down, so that I can truly enjoy life.


Prayer: Father, it’s’ me again. Thank You for Your love, grace and mercy. I wouldn’t be here without it. Father, we have become so accustomed to moving so speedily. We are anxious in just about every area concerning our lives. Basically Father, we eat so fast, we don’t even taste the food. That is how fast we move…daily. We ask for forgiveness Father, because we know, this is not what you desire of us. Teach us to slow down, to live in the very moment that is given to us. Leaving the past behind and confidence in our future. Father, direct our steps and give us a heart that truly desires only to please You. Help us to discern and prioritize our lives. Strengthen and deepen relationships, fill our lives with joy and guide us to an abundant life.

In Jesus name, Amen

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