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I’ve told the story about my health issues. I never divulged the lifestyle changes I undertook in efforts to heal myself. I figured I owed you as a reader that much in hopes that I can inspire someone else to take charge of their life and wellbeing too.

Once the tumor was accidentally discovered and I realized I was under the threat of cancer, I began seeking alternative healing methods and changed my diet dramatically. I underwent a series of regular colonic hydrotherapy sessions, ionic foot cleanses, as well as began taking herbal supplements to detox my body and create an alkaline environment. Disease cannot thrive in a well balanced environment. I had a lot of inflammation and yeast in my system due to my diet and environmental factors, so I knew I needed to rebalance my gut.

In order to detox, I eliminated meat, dairy, gluten, sugar, most grains (oats, white rice, corn, etc.), and all processed foods. Through research, I found that each of these elements either contributed to inflammation, illness, or infection – particularly the dairy, gluten and sugar. I adapted a diet of mainly fruits, vegetables, and legumes. I won’t lie. It was difficult at first. Breaking a sugar addiction (and I had a mean one) is very hard. Sugar is in almost everything. Read labels. When I gave it up cold turkey, my body wasn’t too fond of it. Imagine a drug addict going through withdrawals. But once it was out of my system, I no longer craved it. Even now when I taste sugar it is much too sweet. I replaced my sweetener with honey and real maple syrup.

Hello Fresh hasn’t let me down YET! This is SO good!!

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I already had a subscription to Hello Fresh, so I changed it to the vegetarian option. This was probably the very best thing for me because it allowed me to have my meals prepped and I was able to experiment with foods that I never would have considered or known existed. Everything was very tasty and easy to make. My palate expanded and I came to like more vegetables and legumes than I ever would care to admit. It also helped that a friend of mine had previously helped me with meal planning and grocery shopping so I had an idea of different recipes and things that I liked.

When I was out and couldn’t cook, salads and soups became my staple. I honestly couldn’t really stomach and didn’t have the appetite for anything heavy after a while anyway. Certain things made me feel bloated and lethargic, so I just listened to my body. Places like Jason’s Deli, Panera Bread, Zoe’s Kitchen, Salata, Snappy Salads, Chipotle and even a few options from Chic-Fil-A were my go-to (try Chic-Fil-A’s Superfood side and the Market salad!).  After a while, I was able to find options just about anywhere I went. I never felt like I had to neglect my social life or my taste buds, but I did have to plan and be conscious.

For all of this effort, I have lost 20 lbs thus far. I never exercised one day. I’m lazy (pray for me). My body started to feel so much better too. My blood sugar was regulated – previously I was pre-diabetic. Bloating went away and my ankles weren’t swelling. I didn’t have heartburn and acid reflux anymore. And my skin started looking a lot better. I’d say those results were worth the effort!

I absolutely HATE medicine and truthfully I don’t really trust the healthcare industry. So I knew I didn’t want to be on medications for the rest of my life. If I wasn’t fearful of the tumor being cancerous, I never would have had the surgery to remove it. I would have taken the time and effort to shrink it myself, but it was too large and its status was unknown. Now I am working my way back to an alkaline state. The medications – particularly the pain meds – threw my body off balance. While I wasn’t mobile it was easier for me to just eat whatever I could, so I slipped off.

In all of my research, I have learned that our diets are the key to healing. I’m convinced that EVERYTHING HAS A CURE! Here are a few supplements, treatments and resources that I recommend:


Dr. Axe – I read his blog often. He has a great wealth of knowledge about healing certain symptoms and illnesses that originate in our guts.

Dr. Sebi – the KING of alkaline living. Before his death, he was noted for curing cancer and AIDS in patients.

Cleanse Thyself Purely – they helped me SO MUCH with my healing plan. I went here for the colonic hydrotherapy and ionic cleanses. They also referred me to an herbalist and supplied me with cleansing and detoxing products.

Live Well Natural Products – another great resource for herbal supplements and alkaline living. If you have an ailment, inbox them and they are extremely knowledgeable and responsive.

Craftswombman – she helped me restart my cycle without hormones or birth control. It had been non-existent for over a year. I’m proud to say that now my hormones are back in alignment and my reproductive system is back on track! If you have issues with fibroids, polyps, endometriosis, PCOS, heavy cycles, or anything with the woman’s reproductive system she is very good!



Milk Thistle – I take this every day to help regulate the liver. Your liver is your largest internal organ and it cleanses your blood and helps you process and detox fat. A diseased liver can’t properly cleanse your body.

Jarrow 10B Cultures Probiotic – I only buy the probiotics that are in the cooler; they have a higher bacteria count. Probiotics add good bacteria to your gut that help you digest your food properly and combat infections or over population of parasites and candida.

Nature’s Way Chlorofresh – Chlorophyll helps to reduce inflammation, builds the blood and decreases the need for transfusions, helps with weight loss and detox, and has been proven to reduce tumors and cancer. You can get chlorophyll naturally from fresh green plants and herbs as well but they have to be taken in a concentrated amount to have similar effects.

Bone Broth – Bone broth builds your immunity, helps with digestion and heals your gut – which increases your body’s ability to take in essential vitamins and nutrients, and the collagen helps with your joints, bones, tendons, skin and hair. Think of how chicken soup is considered a healer. You can make bone broth out of organic chicken bones or beef bones.   

Essential Oils – I am an essential oil fanatic! Some of my faves are lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, Clary sage, lemon, and thieves. There are so many oils that can be used in so many ways. I diffuse oils, rub them on my feet, use them as facial toners, and rub them on my chest, neck and shoulders to help me sleep at night.  Look for the 100% pure organic oils. Some of the cheaper ones aren’t as effective. Now, doTerra, Numa and Young Living brands are all good.  

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  1. Unique says:

    Amen sis! Thanks so much for this info. I have been on my own journey in which I detox alot. Didn’t know this about you and glad God gave you the discernment of what to do. I had a 10 day cleanse scheduled for next week. You’ve just kick started for me. Great stuff sis! Many thanks!

    • Chanelle says:

      AWESOME!! I am doing a cleanse right now. I need to go deeper into fasting but my blood sugar fluctuates so much that I never want to do it.

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