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An older woman walks into a small town bank and asks to speak with the bank manager. “I would like to purchase a brand new Cadillac”, she states. The bank manager, Tom took one look at her and wondered how she would pay for such a car. You see, this woman was dirty. Her nails filled with grit, jeans ripped and filthy. Hair stringy and she didn’t smell too pleasant either. The bank manager, then let her know the process she would have to go through to get approval for a loan. “I won’t need a loan, just call Tracey at your other branch location on 15th Ave. She knows how I can get the money”, the older woman stated politely. Tom thought the woman was delusional to think she could afford an $80k car looking the way she did. However, he wanted to seem polite so he asked the woman to wait a moment while he made the call. Once he spoke with Tracey the bank manager at the other location she informed him that this older woman had over 5 million dollars in trusts and investments and that she had millions at other banks as well. “Give her whatever she needs”, Tracey stated. Tom the bank manager, was a bit lost and confused wondering why a woman of that caliber, with that type of money would walk in the bank looking the way she did. He began to understand after he learned the whole story.


The older woman’s husband had recently passed away. Every three years for the past several years, her husband would purchase a brand new Cadillac. She didn’t truly understand the process, she just knew that their money was at the bank. Earlier in the day prior to going to the bank for the money, she was gardening in her yard. Dirt from potting soil is what explained her filth. She didn’t think it was necessary to change clothes and get cleaned up because after she purchased the car, she would perhaps go home to continue gardening.


“…God doesn’t look at what people see. People judge by what is on the outside, but the Lord looks at the heart…” – 1 Samuel 16:7


Ladies After Wisdom, as a dear family member told me this true story, I must be honest, I too thought the same as the banker. However, I’m learning to think differently. We live in a world where we are conditioned to judge by what we see. You ever see someone and dismiss them because of their tattoos, piercings, shoes or hair color? I know I have and if I judge by just looks alone, I’m often wrong. You ever judge a situation by the way it looks rather than trying to gain knowledge and understanding of the full story? I too have done this as well. Sadly, this is the way many judge. We look at someone and disqualify them immediately before getting to know them. We take a quick look at a situation and come to a conclusion without knowing the full details. This is not the way God judges a person or situation. We ought to be more aware of the way we judge. And God directs us to judge righteously (John 7:24). By being fair and by what is really right.


L.A.W., How blessed we are that God doesn’t judge or dismiss us by the way we look. How wonderful it is that He doesn’t just look at what is done but why it was done (Prov 21:2). The bank manager thought this older woman was wasting his time because she looked poor she looked unqualified. When in truth she was one of their richest customers. Have you ever had someone mistreat you or look down on you because you didn’t fit the bill? Because you didn’t seem as though you belong? We all must know how it feels to be misjudged. So lets seek God to convict our hearts when judging others incorrectly. Ask yourself, who are you dismissing as a friend or as a leader because of the way they look? What situation are you placing judgment upon incorrectly because you don’t have the full truth? L.A.W., I love you. All is well ;o)


Read: 1Samuel 16: 1-13, John 7:14-21


Affirmation: I judge by what is fair and right.


Prayer for Righteous Judgment: Heavenly Father, I love You and adore You. Thank You for grace and mercy. Thank You for Your love and forgiveness. Father, often I may see someone or a situation and jump to immediate judgment. I fail to seek the the truth and understanding. Father, help me to seek righteousness in the way I judge people and situations (John 7:24). Give me a merciful and gracious heart. Fill me with wisdom. Bless me to see beyond the outside and see the truth before placing judgement.


In Jesus Name Amen.

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