L.A.W. – Ladies After Wisdom

Hi, I’m Aquilla! =o)

A Believer. A Wife. A Mom. A Writer.

I am a mother of 3 amazing children. A wife of 1 husband (I can only handle one of those…lol ;o), whom is pretty awesome. However, the most important is that I am a daughter of The Most High God. I am passionate about life and women as a whole learning, growing and obtaining Wisdom from the Lord.Virtuous 3

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been very unique. Always curious about life and found myself as the deep thinker and intuitive one out of a group. Which has been difficult at times. However, I’ve learned to embrace who and Whose I am. Through  my imperfectness, dark trials, greatest accomplishments and even times that I like to call “God-Incidences” (what is often called a coincidence), God is blessing me to grow in Wisdom. I believe that through our imperfections, the Lord is passionate about leading and revealing His love to each and everyone one of us.

It’s been placed on my heart to share my journey with you, including what I’ve learned and what I’m continuing to learn as a Believer, a Mom and Wife in hopes to motivate, encourage and lead you to live an abundant, whole and joyful life. Let’s put ourselves first and dive deeply and fully to love, learn and grow in Wisdom (Luke 2:52) So ladies, lets call ourselves The L.A.W. (Ladies After Wisdom).

To read more of my entries, I post each Monday. Check out the categories labeled Inner Healing, Prayers from a Working Mom, Balancing Marriage or click here. Podcasts are available on most recent blog entries. I’m excited to see what God has in store for us.

P.S. I’m sure we will have many laughs and tears along the way ;o)

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