How Comparing Yourself to Others Can Lead to Toxic Emotions



I was an At Home Mom for 8 years. I truly loved being able to be there for my children and husband at all times. I enjoyed that my boss was handsome, funny and charming and that I didn’t have to clock in and out of work. My schedule was extremely flexible and I had the freedom to be creative and spontaneous. However, there were moments when I’d notice other women who had a family and a career, the thoughts of comparing my career to theirs would role in. I would feel less than. I thought that my career as a homemaker wasn’t enough. It wasn’t until the comment of a kind Dr. encouraged me to get rid of comparison. Read More →

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3 Ways To Fall In Love With Yourself





Can you think of someone that you truly love? One that you would do anything for? You speak kind words to them, showing compassion, consideration and patience? You go out of the way for them, embracing their flaws, uplifting them with encouraging words and making sacrifices. Regardless of their mistakes and shortcomings, your love does not fail. This kind of deep love, who do you think of? Your spouse, children, parents or a close friend? Could you possibly allow that person to be You? Are you love in with yourself? Read More →

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3 Ways To Slow Down Time

My daughter will be entering high school this upcoming fall. It seems like just yesterday she was cradled in my arms, months away from taking her first steps. As I reminisce on those precious moments, I can’t help but to wonder did I truly get to enjoy and rest in those times? The answer is possibly no. A single mother at the time, working two jobs and attending school, constantly rushing and running, a hectic life is an understatement. Many would say that Time Moves Too Fast, yet perhaps maybe We Move Too Fast. Read More →

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Are You Walking In Your Gifts?


“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.”- Erma Bombeck

When I was a little girl I wrote books and drew pictures as often as I could. Anything that would aid me in using my imagination, I was all in. Crayons, pencils and a notebook was all I needed. I began writing books at the age of 6. I would use every cent that I made from babysitting, to purchase spiral notebooks, to write and illustrate my books. Read More →

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Why We Must Show Love…Even When It Hurts


Recently, I went out of town on business. Tired, exhausted, hungry and drained from a long day. I stood in line waiting to board the aircraft home, I caught eyes with an elderly gentlemen. And I noticed him look down at the half eaten salad I had in my hand, I just nodded and smiled. He asked me if I had a fork (the salad was from earlier in the day and I forgot I threw my fork away). I told him I didn’t have one. He then began to get up from his seat, which is when I noticed he had a handicap. My heart went out to him, as I could tell the pain he was in as he stood up and walked over to grab his bag from a few feet away. As he slowly walked back over to me, I noticed he had a fork in his hand. He handed the fork to me and said that it would be too hard to eat a salad with my fingers.  Very grateful, I smiled and thanked him. It touched me that he would go out of his way, despite his pain, to help me. Read More →

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Are You Too Busy To Pray?

Women: We are always on the go, constantly making moves. From the moment we get out of bed in the morning; we are changing diapers, studying, giving meeting presentations, attending PTA functions, driving to work, packing lunches, cleaning and well the list goes on. So with all this movin’ around how do we make sure that we don’t forget to make the most important move…Prayer. Read More →

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How To Steer Clear Of Distractions


I pray often in my car, I call my car The Prayer Sanctuary. I cherish that quiet time, reflection and conversations with God as I drive. Early one morning as I was driving on my way to work, as routine, I was praying as I noticed a car quickly approaching me.  I gently moved to the side. The driver sped up and began to honk the horn. I again moved out the way, yet this time the driver aggressively pulled next to me and began to honk continuously loud. Completely distracted, thinking something was wrong; I stopped praying, slowed down and looked over. Because it was still dark outside, what happened next frightened me a bit… Read More →

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Who have You Invited To Dinner Lately?


Once a month my mother has dinner at her home. Each month is a different theme and everyone brings a dish. It’s some really good eattin  If you were to attend one of our dinners, you would walk into a room full of diversity. At times Nigerian, African American, Caucasian, Mexican and many biracial children running around playing with one another. I believe my favorite part of dinner is when we all hold hands and recite the Lord’s prayer together before eating. As I close my eyes in prayer, listening to all the different voices coming together in unity, it warms my heart. Read More →

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Don’t be a Fool.


When my children have informed me on how someone has mistreated them, hurt and upset, my first reaction is to hurry and make a phone call and figure out why someone would be mistreating my babies. I’m sure any mom can relate. However, I have to remember that my little ones are not perfect, they can exaggerate at times and well Chinese telephone isn’t very accurate. After I remind myself of those things, I dismiss those non-christian thoughts of what I was going to say to the person mistreating my baby =o). Because we aren’t suppose to believe everything we hear. Read More →

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Truth. And Why We Need to Hear it…


Truth. We don’t always want to hear it, see it or be a part of it but it’s necessary. Where there is truth there is freedom. Where there is truth there is knowledge. So why do we run from it? Read More →

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