Just Do It

What does it take for us to continue to walk into what God has called us to do even after receiving confirmation after confirmation? Hearing and getting the okay from God does not become the issue anymore, it becomes our obedience to the plans laid out that becomes the problem and why we wont “Just Do It”. Read More →

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Re-Do What Makes You Happy!


There may be things in your life that you wish you could have done differently. It is impossible to go back and change the past, but what we can do is re-do, makeover, and make changes that will make our future much brighter. Read More →

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Choose to Live on Purpose!

A lot of us are wandering around this God given Earth with an empty feeling on the inside that we can’t quite put our fingers on. Why is this job not making me feel the way I want it to, this relationship, this marriage, this ministry?  You may be living just for the simple fact of living. The time has come to start living on purpose. Let us choose to live it! Read More →

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Walls! How Many of Us Have Them?

Walls! How Many of Us of Have Them?


As we go through some bad life experiences in our lives, we start to build barriers as a way to protect ourselves. What we may view as protection may ultimately be what keeps us away from what our heart truly desires and cause us to walk through this God given life alone. Read More →

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Tales From an “Empty” Womb

Tales of an (2)

For those without children with a time clock that appears to get louder day by day, the possibility of not becoming a parent brings about sadness and doubt until you realize that God may have other plans.

With this being my first blog that I have written ever in life, I prayerfully asked God what to write about. So with that being said, this blog entry will be a bit on a transparent note. So, here we go! Read More →

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