What Does Abundance Mean to You?


Get up and start morning routine. Breakfast. Then get kids ready. Start dinner in crock pot. Go to work. Come home. Time with hubby. Eat dinner. Check kids homework. Pick out school clothes. Get kids ready for bed. Pray. Read. Nightly routine. Then go to bed. Next morning…get up and start morning routine. Then get kids ready. Start dinner in crock pot. Go to work. Come home…Then hit the repeat button for the rest of the week. Does this sound like your week? Your life? The same routine over and over? Nothing new? Having a family and career is so rewarding. It brings fulfillment a sense of purpose and belonging. So much joy accompanies having those responsibilities. Yet at the same, being so engulfed in those responsibilities can hinder us from truly experiencing life and all there is to see and do. Read More →

Season of loneliness

Season of Loneliness


How well do you know yourself? How much do you love yourself? How well can you tolerate being by yourself? These may seem like easy or obvious questions to pose. But most people never consider them. We are accustomed to being in relation to other people. Even the Bible tells us in the creation story that it was not good for mankind to be alone. As a single woman with no kids, I have experienced an extended season of loneliness. I used to decry and abhor my solitude until I realized just how strong it has made me. Read More →

Are You Judging Correctly?



An older woman walks into a small town bank and asks to speak with the bank manager. “I would like to purchase a brand new Cadillac”, she states. The bank manager, Tom took one look at her and wondered how she would pay for such a car. You see, this woman was dirty. Her nails filled with grit, jeans ripped and filthy. Hair stringy and she didn’t smell too pleasant either. The bank manager, then let her know the process she would have to go through to get approval for a loan. “I won’t need a loan, just call Tracey at your other branch location on 15th Ave. She knows how I can get the money”, the older woman stated politely. Tom thought the woman was delusional to think she could afford an $80k car looking the way she did. However, he wanted to seem polite so he asked the woman to wait a moment while he made the call. Once he spoke with Tracey the bank manager at the other location she informed him that this older woman had over 5 million dollars in trusts and investments and that she had millions at other banks as well. “Give her whatever she needs”, Tracey stated. Tom the bank manager, was a bit lost and confused wondering why a woman of that caliber, with that type of money would walk in the bank looking the way she did. He began to understand after he learned the whole story. Read More →

Peace Under Pressure

Peace Under Pressure


“And he awoke and rebuked the wind and said to the sea,”Peace! Be still!”And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.” Mark 4:39

Peace, like happiness, is something that you can possess regardless of your circumstances. It is a state of mind and spirit. Have you ever been in a situation where all hell was breaking loose but you still remained at peace? Your friends and family were probably waiting for you to break, but you held it down like a champ. This is what I call peace under pressure. As I grow and go through more, I am finding a deeper sense of this unshakable peace and I want to share ways for you to find it too. Read More →

How Would It Be…?



What if there was no Easter? No, I don’t mean the holiday filled with baskets, eggs and beautiful dresses. I mean what if there was no resurrection? What if Christ decided not to die on the cross for you and me? What if He had decided it would be too much to bare, that he didn’t want to sacrifice His life for ours? What if there was never a Resurrection? Read More →

Into Your Hands

Into Your Hands

Today is Good Friday – the day that Jesus was crucified. Many churches have been reflecting  on the crucifixion during Passion Week. My Facebook feed has been full of posts about the last seven sayings of Christ. I even had to craft content for my job around this topic. One of the sayings really stuck out to me and I wanted to dissect it a bit though. The final thing Jesus said while on the cross was “into Your hands, I commit my spirit” (Luke 23:46) Read More →

What Does Perfect Really Look Like?


“Oh my goodness!… What is that?! Goodness gracious!” If you heard my screams, you would have thought that a purple orangatang fell in my lap. Raining purple orangutans? Not likely… Well then, what could possibly make a woman scream like that while sitting in the car with her 1st grader in the school parking lot?. I’ll tell you…my misconception of perfection. Read More →

Take A Gift

Take a Gift A mentor and friend posted something on Facebook that punched me in the gut. Hard. She said:

Some of you behind-the-scenes types love getting stuff done and helping. You don’t dig the limelight, however if you have a vision that burns in your heart to get out there, you are going to HAVE to deal with the glare of the spotlight. You have to lead the way, be seen and be heard. You have to raise your profile. Read More →

Helpful Tips to Overcome Depression



Studies have shown that all adults have experienced some form of depression. Whether it be mild, moderate or severe, its said that everyone has been under blues. No matter how mild or severe, depression doesn’t feel good and the condition  leaves you feeling hopeless, alone and sad. Having experienced Post Postpartum Depression years ago, I can relate to individuals who are struggling with the blues today. My message is that there is hope for overcoming. Read More →