Are You Judging Correctly?



An older woman walks into a small town bank and asks to speak with the bank manager. “I would like to purchase a brand new Cadillac”, she states. The bank manager, Tom took one look at her and wondered how she would pay for such a car. You see, this woman was dirty. Her nails filled with grit, jeans ripped and filthy. Hair stringy and she didn’t smell too pleasant either. The bank manager, then let her know the process she would have to go through to get approval for a loan. “I won’t need a loan, just call Tracey at your other branch location on 15th Ave. She knows how I can get the money”, the older woman stated politely. Tom thought the woman was delusional to think she could afford an $80k car looking the way she did. However, he wanted to seem polite so he asked the woman to wait a moment while he made the call. Once he spoke with Tracey the bank manager at the other location she informed him that this older woman had over 5 million dollars in trusts and investments and that she had millions at other banks as well. “Give her whatever she needs”, Tracey stated. Tom the bank manager, was a bit lost and confused wondering why a woman of that caliber, with that type of money would walk in the bank looking the way she did. He began to understand after he learned the whole story. Read More →

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