Quietly Answered Prayers


quietly answered prayersHave you ever had a quietly answered prayer? Think about it. I’m certain that you have. I know that I have and recently I have just been extremely grateful for God doing things undercover.

Sometimes miracles go undetected. We always look for spectacular displays of the supernatural .We want to “feel” it. This is because of our tangible, fleshly nature. But sometimes those quietly answered prayers are those that mean the most. Let me explain. Recently I was in a spiritual and emotional battle. I simply wanted to be free, at peace and be happy. Nothing more or less. I was just tired of fighting. Read More →

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When God Says No


when God says noThere is a saying that I’m sure most of you have heard before that says when we pray, God answers in YES, NO or WAIT. We are all overjoyed when we get an immediate YES to our request. Most of us can endure long enough for the WAIT. But what do we do when God says no?

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