Looking For Change?

Looking for a Change_

Seven months pregnant, cooking dinner, with light gospel music playing in the back ground on my under the counter mounted radio, my husband walks through the front door from work and before I could kiss him or say hello, I spill my heart out…”Dear I need to get a part time job. I love being at home with the kids but I need a change and to get out, stretch my wings and live a little. I find myself to be lonely and as if I have gifts that I’m not using. I see other women going to work and having something of their own and I find myself becoming a little down and jealous. I believe that possibly it’s time for me to try something new. I seen the perfect career opportunity and I would love to apply.” Read More →

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Scriptures That Brought About Change

Ruminating is to constantly think about something over and over. Meditating is to consciously concentrate on something. How often do we ruminate and meditate on the wrong things? What someone wrongly said or did to us? Our past? Our mistakes? I admit, at times I can be a bit of a worry wart. However, I turn to God each day for inspiration. Through daily challenges these bible verses has inspired me and centered me to focus on the right things. Read More →

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