Season of loneliness

Season of Loneliness


How well do you know yourself? How much do you love yourself? How well can you tolerate being by yourself? These may seem like easy or obvious questions to pose. But most people never consider them. We are accustomed to being in relation to other people. Even the Bible tells us in the creation story that it was not good for mankind to be alone. As a single woman with no kids, I have experienced an extended season of loneliness. I used to decry and abhor my solitude until I realized just how strong it has made me. Read More →

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OH SH… I Dreamed Too Big!

Earlier this week I was listening to a radio show where the host was speaking about having your prayers answered. He said we are to ASK – BELIEVE – RECEIVE. It sounds so simple, right? But one of the things he made mention of was that sometimes when we ask, we ask amiss (James 4:3). He was saying that we don’t ask for enough. We only ask for what our finite minds believe we’re worth or we’re so modest that we don’t want to ask for more out of fear of being too greedy. Prior to this, I was sitting in a meeting with a veteran business owner and community leader who asked younger entrepreneurs and professionals, “Why do you want to succeed? Why do you want to accumulate wealth? Is it just for you to have more than someone else or is it to give back?”   Read More →

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Fear Not! Five Steps to Walking Out Your Purpose

Fear Not - Five Steps to Walking Out Your PurposeI previously wrote a series on how to find your purpose. For six weeks I posted a new article on how you can learn what you are passionate about and what you are destined to achieve. If you haven’t read those articles, I suggest you go back and dig through them. There’s some great nuggets dropped throughout. But now that we have found purpose, how do we consistently, insistently, and persistently walk in it? Walking out your purpose is not an easy thing to do. I would contend that finding it is the easy part. But maintaining a laser focus and staying on path day by day is the hard part.  Read More →

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