bias, implicit bias

Are You Biased?

Implicit bias is defined as a positive or negative mental attitude towards a person, thing, or group that a person holds at an unconscious level. Most times when we hear the word BIAS, it is used to describe a negative outlook that affects people demographically. We typically hear of racial bias and gender bias. But what about how these biases manifest themselves in your faith and love walk? Read More →

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Some Things Remain

Some Things RemainIt is New Year’s Eve. By now I’m sure you’ve read a bazillionty posts on social media exclaiming, “New Year, New Me!” or “I’m not taking this into 2017!” Resolutions have never been so at home except the weeks surrounding the cusp of a new sun revolution. I have been reflecting. A LOT. Like, my brain is on fire because so many epiphanies and revelations have bombarded it. It’s comforting to know God still speaks to us – if we listen. Amidst all the changes that will be taking place, some things remain.  Read More →

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