Don’t be a Fool.


When my children have informed me on how someone has mistreated them, hurt and upset, my first reaction is to hurry and make a phone call and figure out why someone would be mistreating my babies. I’m sure any mom can relate. However, I have to remember that my little ones are not perfect, they can exaggerate at times and well Chinese telephone isn’t very accurate. After I remind myself of those things, I dismiss those non-christian thoughts of what I was going to say to the person mistreating my baby =o). Because we aren’t suppose to believe everything we hear. Read More →

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Thanksgiving Despair


Three years ago I lost my uncle, cousin and grandfather all within the same year. My grandfather passed from lung cancer, my cousin was a victim due to the senseless violence in Chicago and my uncle died from heartache and despair from losing my cousin (his son). Although years have passed. I think about each of them everyday and my heart longs to hug them just one more time. However, although very hard to, I have accepted that they won’t “be home for the holidays”. Read More →

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