You’ve Prayed and Still No Answer, Keep This In Mind…



Father, I need healing. My husband needs me, my children needs me, ugh I need me. It’s so hard to function daily in this sickness. I have no strength, I have no energy, I am broken. Please Father, send your healing hand to me. Make me whole. In Jesus Name Amen. Read More →

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How To Steer Clear Of Distractions


I pray often in my car, I call my car The Prayer Sanctuary. I cherish that quiet time, reflection and conversations with God as I drive. Early one morning as I was driving on my way to work, as routine, I was praying as I noticed a car quickly approaching me.  I gently moved to the side. The driver sped up and began to honk the horn. I again moved out the way, yet this time the driver aggressively pulled next to me and began to honk continuously loud. Completely distracted, thinking something was wrong; I stopped praying, slowed down and looked over. Because it was still dark outside, what happened next frightened me a bit… Read More →

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Who have You Invited To Dinner Lately?


Once a month my mother has dinner at her home. Each month is a different theme and everyone brings a dish. It’s some really good eattin  If you were to attend one of our dinners, you would walk into a room full of diversity. At times Nigerian, African American, Caucasian, Mexican and many biracial children running around playing with one another. I believe my favorite part of dinner is when we all hold hands and recite the Lord’s prayer together before eating. As I close my eyes in prayer, listening to all the different voices coming together in unity, it warms my heart. Read More →

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Letting Go. So hard, yet so necessary.


Have you ever paid attention to the negative emotions that you feel when you lose something. The panic, frustration, fear, anger, sadness and the other emotions that can arise as well. No matter what is lost; money, keys, friendships, jewelry, a job, a pet. If the focus is constant on what is lost, the negative emotions will continue to surface. Learning to let go and giving positive energy elsewhere is hard, but necessary. Read More →

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