Where is the Love

February is the month we celebrate LOVE so I wanted to write something to spark your thoughts and create a discussion around the topic.  The word love is thrown around so frivolously that it has become less and less meaningful. I was reflecting the other day on how often I am told or I tell someone “I love you” and it is not often. To be quite honest, those words make me feel a bit uneasy sometimes, so I had to examine why. Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that it makes me uneasy because those who have told me that they loved me haven’t always demonstrated it in a positive way. Not only that, I always want to make sure I really, truly mean it before I say it rather than carelessly tell someone I love them. Those words have weight to them, and in many cases, they’re subjective and mean different things to different people. So where IS the love?  Read More →

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When God Stops Giving You Butterflies

We all love the blessings of God, but will we still love God when He appears He stops blessing us? Or appears He is not for us? With the depth of God comes a deeper relationship. The butterflies will soon fade and what you are truly destined to be is in the making when you proceed in the acts of loving Him. Read More →

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Because I love you

Because I Love You

Because I love you, I patiently wait for you. I don’t get upset when you don’t learn something, do something, or respond as quickly as I think you should. I gracefully allow you to move to the beat of your own drum, because loving you means loving that beat. Read More →

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If You Love Someone Tell Them…

I planned another Christmas with her, another birthday another Holiday. I saw her there, in my mind. Deciding what I would get her for Christmas this year. You know she always wanted me to get her a pair of navy blue leather gloves with a scarf to match. And this was gonna be the year I did. My Aunt. She was one of the best dressed women I knew. Even with her cancer diagnosis, despite the negative news from doctors, I still made plans. I was gonna make sure I sat next to her at my daughter’s upcoming graduation. So I could pass her the tissue as she wiped her tears of joy as my daughter walked across stage (she acted tough but joyous occasions always made her cry). I planned on sitting beside her in church just one more time, so I could smell her perfume and eat all her peppermints, like I did when I was a little girl. Oh the plans I had. Upon her short unexpected death, as I was walking throughout her home, I could see that she still had plans, by seeing the many things she left behind. Plans to travel, plans to give and plans to live. And although there were more plans. I never got to see them through with her…. Read More →

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What Does Perfect Really Look Like?


“Oh my goodness!… What is that?! Goodness gracious!” If you heard my screams, you would have thought that a purple orangatang fell in my lap. Raining purple orangutans? Not likely… Well then, what could possibly make a woman scream like that while sitting in the car with her 1st grader in the school parking lot?. I’ll tell you…my misconception of perfection. Read More →

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to stop feeling anger toward (someone who has done something wrong)

to stop blaming (someone)

to stop feeling anger about (something)

to stop requiring payment of (a debt that is owed)


Forgiveness is a tough subject to address. To properly deal with it requires drudging up old feelings, confronting ourselves (and others) with painful truths that have been buried. It can be like pulling the scab off of a wound and pouring salt in it. Painful. Something we’d rather not think about and pretend to have moved on. But what happens when the stain of not forgiving manifests itself in seemingly unrelated areas of your life? How do you reconcile past hurts, forgive yourself, and continue to follow God’s command to love others as yourself?

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Why We Must Show Love…Even When It Hurts


Recently, I went out of town on business. Tired, exhausted, hungry and drained from a long day. I stood in line waiting to board the aircraft home, I caught eyes with an elderly gentlemen. And I noticed him look down at the half eaten salad I had in my hand, I just nodded and smiled. He asked me if I had a fork (the salad was from earlier in the day and I forgot I threw my fork away). I told him I didn’t have one. He then began to get up from his seat, which is when I noticed he had a handicap. My heart went out to him, as I could tell the pain he was in as he stood up and walked over to grab his bag from a few feet away. As he slowly walked back over to me, I noticed he had a fork in his hand. He handed the fork to me and said that it would be too hard to eat a salad with my fingers.  Very grateful, I smiled and thanked him. It touched me that he would go out of his way, despite his pain, to help me. Read More →

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Vulnerability as Strength

vulnerability as strengthI am in love with TED Talks. I honestly want to be a speaker at a TEDx conference someday. I love how engaging the speakers are on so many different topics of expertise. How acute their speeches are since they have to be done in a certain time frame. One of my favorite, most repeatedly watched TED Talks is by Brene Brown, author of “Daring Greatly.” Her talk centers around how we need to stop looking at being vulnerable as a weakness and view vulnerability as strength. Read More →

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Walls! How Many of Us Have Them?

Walls! How Many of Us of Have Them?


As we go through some bad life experiences in our lives, we start to build barriers as a way to protect ourselves. What we may view as protection may ultimately be what keeps us away from what our heart truly desires and cause us to walk through this God given life alone. Read More →

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A Love Letter to My Sisters


This past few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster. I have watched my friends experience incredible losses that made me wish that in some way I could ease their pain. There is nothing worse than watching someone you love endure insufferable loss. These times have made me realize just how much my friends – no, my sisters mean to me. So I decided to write them a love letter.

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