What NOT to Do When You’re on the Rebound


what not to do when you're on the rebound2015 was a year in which I experienced quite a few devastating losses. I lost love, I lost a job, lost clients, friendships, and I quite honestly lost a part of myself in the process. For months on end I was hit with blow after debilitating blow. Loss is a natural part of life. Old, useless, dead things make way for new things all the time. It is how our seasons change, bodies grow, and lives evolve. At some point we will all be on the rebound from something. I believe how you handle loss determines the trajectory of your next rise. I learned so much about myself last year, which means all of the losses weren’t horrible. I’m still here. I want to help someone avoid some of the same pitfalls that I now find myself dusting myself off from. So here’s what NOT to do when you’re on the rebound. Read More →

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