I’s Married Now!

Could the divorce rate in America be high because we separate the wedding ceremony from God? We separate what was God ordained and took it to make it something for show and a trophy to appear we have arrived like Suge Avery did in the movie, ” The Color Purple”? Somehow God has been lost in translation in this sacred and serious beautiful sacrifice which is MARRIAGE.

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Boundaries In The Bedroom: Removing the 3 T’s

Boundaries In The Bedroom_ Removing the 3 T's-4

The bedroom. For the married couple, should be full of bliss, comfort and affection. However, if there are distractions in other areas of the home that are allowed in the bedroom, it can cause some road blocks and unnecessary bumps. To increase that intimacy, communication and peace that is truly desired within marriage, I’ve learned that removing these 3 T’s from your bedroom is a great beginning.    Read More →

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Keep the Door Closed To the Enemy In Your Marriage


Keep the door closed to the enemyin your marriage.


Some years ago when I first got married, whenever my husband and I would get into a disagreement. I would get upset, my feelings would be hurt and I didn’t want to be around him.Whenever I was angry with him I would need to leave his presence. So, without much thought, I would pack up the kids and take a 45 min drive to my mothers. Having no contact with my husband, sometimes I would stay a night or more way. Yet, I knew each time I left. I would eventually come back home, I just needed time to cool off. It wasn’t until I received wise counsel from a friend that made me rethink my choices, learn to communicate and not run whenever my husband and I didn’t see eye to eye. Read More →

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Married at First Sight: A Lesson in Love


Married at First SightI’ve been watching Married at First Sight since the very first season that it debuted on television. This show captivated me because it put people and an unseemly situation; one that I know has to be completely uncomfortable and outside of anyone’s comfort zone. Just the mere thought of trusting “experts” to match you with your life partner and forging a commitment such as marriage sounds ridiculous. But then I thought about it. Arranged marriages have been happening for centuries. And they worked! So here are a few things that I’ve taken away from Married at First Sight. Read More →

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