Having Faith in the Face of the Impossible


having faith in the face of the impossibleHebrews 10:23 – Let us hold fast to the confession of our hope without wavering; for He who promised is faithful.

Having faith in the face of the impossible is hard when you are living your life based upon what you can see. We are spiritual beings who have already overcome impossibilities just to be born into a natural world. Millions of sperm cells competed to be the one who made you possible and only one of them won the race. A woman has about a 15% chance of even getting pregnant at any given time and depending upon the circumstances that window may be much narrower. But you overcame those impossibilities and obstacles, which means you have a purpose. Somewhere along the way, you were spoken of before you got here. Your manifestation is a result of God’s promise. I speak for myself when saying, I know for a fact that my life’s orchestration has been nothing but overcoming one impossibility after another. For this reason I am able to have faith in the face of the impossible. Read More →

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3 Words To Help You Understand The Power You Obtain


So often I sung the lyrics to this song in choir at many services in front of thousand of people yet not understanding the full meaning and magnitude behind the truth of the words. Leading children’s choir for years and even signing with my own children, I still didn’t understand until recently the depth of what the lyrics really meant. Once my Father showed me the truth behind the lyrics, it changed my perspective and my thought life completely. If you understand and receive this revelation. It too can change your life. Read More →

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