You’ve Prayed and Still No Answer, Keep This In Mind…



Father, I need healing. My husband needs me, my children needs me, ugh I need me. It’s so hard to function daily in this sickness. I have no strength, I have no energy, I am broken. Please Father, send your healing hand to me. Make me whole. In Jesus Name Amen. Read More →

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Are You Too Busy To Pray?

Women: We are always on the go, constantly making moves. From the moment we get out of bed in the morning; we are changing diapers, studying, giving meeting presentations, attending PTA functions, driving to work, packing lunches, cleaning and well the list goes on. So with all this movin’ around how do we make sure that we don’t forget to make the most important move…Prayer. Read More →

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Quietly Answered Prayers


quietly answered prayersHave you ever had a quietly answered prayer? Think about it. I’m certain that you have. I know that I have and recently I have just been extremely grateful for God doing things undercover.

Sometimes miracles go undetected. We always look for spectacular displays of the supernatural .We want to “feel” it. This is because of our tangible, fleshly nature. But sometimes those quietly answered prayers are those that mean the most. Let me explain. Recently I was in a spiritual and emotional battle. I simply wanted to be free, at peace and be happy. Nothing more or less. I was just tired of fighting. Read More →

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Pick Someone… Anyone and Do This For Them

1 Timothy 2_1


Awaken to body pains, achy joints and a high temp I knew something was wrong. I informed my husband and laid back down. I shared with just one or two people that I wasn’t well. As the day progressed, I said a silent prayer for healing, yet my condition was seeming to become worse. I knew it was time to go to the E.R. Read More →

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