Taking Calculated Risks

Calculated risks are chances of exposure to loss or injury that might be undertaken after their advantages and disadvantages have been carefully weighed and considered.

Because I want to steer the narrative in this post, I’m going to change the word CHANCE to OPPORTUNITY and I also want to shift the negative words of LOSS and INJURY to GAIN. Just follow me… Read More →

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Inconveniently Out of the Way

inconveniently out of the wayYou wanna know where greatness and success reside? Inconveniently out of the way. – Myleik Teele


I was scrolling Instagram looking for inspiration for my next blog post and TWICE in a row on my newsfeed the above quote from Myleik Teele, founder of Curlbox, popped up. I wanted to write about my departure from my job. Wednesday was my last day in the office although technically today was my last day. I needed to get it out of my system because it stung. And this quote made the difference.

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Just For You

Just For YouEach of us have a calling on our lives – some purpose that we are here for. I would always argue that we are here to serve someone other than ourselves. Our mission should be greater than us. In just about everything I set out to do, I try to make sure I am not being 100% self-centered. It’s difficult. But it keeps me grounded. Have you ever considered that someone’s life mission is to accomplish something just for you?  Read More →

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Shifting Gears

shifting gears

Facebook is funny. It just started this thing where it shows you things you posted on this day last year and the years prior. Sometimes I don’t need a reminder – I just want to leave those memories in the distant past. But I recently came across a post of mine from 3 years ago that said: I shift more gears than a 4-speed Yugo in rush hour traffic. And I still feel this way. Shifting gears has become more of a way of life for me than something that happens occasionally. I am no stranger to change. Read More →

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Overnight Success

overnight success

Success is not obtained overnight. It comes in installments; you get a little bit today, a little bit tomorrow until the whole package is given out. The day you procrastinate, you lose that day’s success.

~ Israelmore Ayivor

I have to confess. I have been quite frustrated with the time it is taking manifest my vision. When my story is written, it definitely will NOT say I was an overnight success! I’ve been working at attaining my goals for a while, but it always seems like the finality of them is just beyond my reach. I recently became so frustrated that I all but gave up. I lost my passion. Didn’t see what the purpose was for me to keep doing things that brought me no joy. I was not enjoying the process. I just wanted the end result. Read More →

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You Can’t Run From Your Calling


You Can't Run From Your CallingIf it’s one thing that I have learned lately it is that you can’t run from your calling. Running from your calling is the equivalent of running away from yourself – it is impossible. If you are trying to live a Purpose Driven Life, if you are on a path to success, and you are passionate about something you will always find your way back. You can’t run from your calling. Read More →

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Fear is a Thief!

Fear is a liar. Fear is a thief.

Don’t let fear lie to you!

In the month of January, I hosted my very first Fear NOT workshop for women who wanted to push past their hesitations and move into their destinies. It was a complete eye-opener for me as I had to face my own fears and press on just so that I could practice what I would be preaching. In coaching the women in the workshop, I discovered that they were apprehensive about their own gifts and purposes, but they were more than qualified to launch out. They had degrees in their chosen fields, had been working in these fields for 10-plus years, studied and earned certifications, had been practicing their talents their entire lives. But why when it came time to actually DO what their bigger picture and inner selves were nudging them to do, they got cold feet and stage fright? Read More →

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Fear Not! Five Steps to Walking Out Your Purpose

Fear Not - Five Steps to Walking Out Your PurposeI previously wrote a series on how to find your purpose. For six weeks I posted a new article on how you can learn what you are passionate about and what you are destined to achieve. If you haven’t read those articles, I suggest you go back and dig through them. There’s some great nuggets dropped throughout. But now that we have found purpose, how do we consistently, insistently, and persistently walk in it? Walking out your purpose is not an easy thing to do. I would contend that finding it is the easy part. But maintaining a laser focus and staying on path day by day is the hard part.  Read More →

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Finding Your Purpose: Your How

how to find your purpose

I have been completely fulfilled through this blog series on finding your purpose. As I have been writing about attaining greater focus, I have forced myself to walk the walk. I guess I have found a purposeful pursuit just through this exercise! This week we’ll go even further by exploring how we will bring these goals to life.  Read More →

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Finding Your Purpose: Your What

finding purpose and passion

Now that we’ve conquered your why, let’s move onto what. There are things each of us are wired instinctively to do or to love. What do you constantly think about?  What motivates you? I’m certain there is something in this world that just at the mention of it your face brightens, your eyes light up and you begin to crack a smile. That’s IT! Read More →

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