I’s Married Now!

Could the divorce rate in America be high because we separate the wedding ceremony from God? We separate what was God ordained and took it to make it something for show and a trophy to appear we have arrived like Suge Avery did in the movie, ” The Color Purple”? Somehow God has been lost in translation in this sacred and serious beautiful sacrifice which is MARRIAGE.

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For the Single Sista

For the Single SistasMy blog sister Aquilla always writes about being a mommy and a wife and gives wisdom to other moms and wives. Meanwhile, I’m the single sista holding down my own corner of the world. And I appreciate her space because it helps me prepare for what I desire to have – a strong family and marriage. But I need to speak to the single ladies today. We need to be encouraged and uplifted too. We need validation in our singleness as well. So here’s a few words for the single sista who may be discouraged.  Read More →

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