Why Every Christian Should See Birth of a Nation

The Birth of a Nation

This past week I had the pleasure of attending a pre-screening of “Birth of a Nation” – a riveting film about the life of Nat Turner, the leader of the only effective and sustained slave rebellion in U.S. history. The film melds the themes of religion, race in America, awakening and freedom in a conflicted, quite unsettling way. I think every Christian should see Birth of a Nation for those very reasons. Any person who watches this movie and walks away without having to challenge their own thoughts around these themes is likely a dead soul. Read More →

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My Sister’s Keeper


My Sister's KeeperI’ve always been told that if something makes me upset, to find a way to change it. Otherwise, accept it and stop complaining. This is my attitude towards most things (which is why I find myself in the minutiae of a bunch of projects and undertakings).  I am sure that a huge part of my purpose, and yours too, is to affect change in some area of someone else’s life. There are so many things that we can find WRONG with the world, but what are we doing with our influence to shift them towards the positive? Read More →

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