The Faces of God – My Testimony

The Faces of GodI now know God differently. I know a new side of Him. I can testify about it. Revelation 12:11 says we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. So here I am to share my testimony with you because I am an overcomer. If you want some juicy scoop about me, here, I’m dishing. Read on… 

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Naturally an introvert, I tend to be a loner. I am private. I step aside. Attention makes me feel uncomfortable. I like to lay low and stay in my element and comfort zone while sharing the intricate details of my life with a select few.  I’m sure if you are an introvert you understand where I am coming from. Yet, each day I must push that thorn aside in order to be a light to someone else. Read More →

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