How to Stay In Peace During the Storms





The above is a painting of a pretty rough storm, looks like a possible hurricane. The hurricane looks very intimidating and scary. It looks as though this storm has the strength to make some serious damage; knocking down trees, forcing rocks to fall and causing the ocean’s waves to rage. Where would you be in this storm? For the average person if we were in a storm of this magnitude; we would run and hide in fear. Most would lose sleep and our peace mind, worrying about our home and if insurance would cover damage, our kids and their safety, our business and cars etc. Would you be able to be at peace in this storm? If you look closely at the bottom center of painting, you will see a baby bird nestled away in the rocks; calm, peaceful and not bothered. Although the bird is in midst of a storm, this small precious creature is not moved by it. He is resting well. Trusting all will be well.  I’m convinced this is the way God wants us to be during our storms. Read More →

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