Creating Space for Transparent Moments for Sistas When The World Becomes Overwhelmingly Vicious

If you have been reading this blog long enough, you know that one thing is consistent: WE SUPPORT WOMEN. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t where you want to be (Hint: none of us are) or if you think you’re perfect, pray 3x a day and fast every other Friday. All of us need a tribe of other strong sisters that we can share transparent moments with. A group who will keep us going when the world becomes overwhelmingly harsh. For this reason, I am sharing a Facebook message that a friend of mine posted about an experience she had with someone who was rather insensitive:

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Assessing Strength and Weakness

strength in weakness; God's grace is sufficientI have to get this out of my system. Bear with me if I ramble or don’t make sense, but this blog is very cathartic for me. I am able to lay out my thoughts and feelings and couldn’t care less about the judgment that may come from those who read them. This is my outlet – my pulpit if you will. I am able to be transparent because I don’t really have to face anyone who is reading what I write. Read More →

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