the power in humility

The Power in Humility

There really is no freedom in hiding behind a mask.

I said this in conversation with a friend today when she asked why I was about to bare my soul and the revelations I’ve had about myself on Facebook. I told her that if I always have to prove myself, put on airs and keep up appearances, who will ever know ME? How will I know that someone ever loves ME? When I disappoint or don’t keep up the facade, will people cling to the act while leaving ME behind? There really is power in humility.   Read More →

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When God Stops Giving You Butterflies

We all love the blessings of God, but will we still love God when He appears He stops blessing us? Or appears He is not for us? With the depth of God comes a deeper relationship. The butterflies will soon fade and what you are truly destined to be is in the making when you proceed in the acts of loving Him. Read More →

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Because I love you

Because I Love You

Because I love you, I patiently wait for you. I don’t get upset when you don’t learn something, do something, or respond as quickly as I think you should. I gracefully allow you to move to the beat of your own drum, because loving you means loving that beat. Read More →

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graduation season

Graduation Season

Yes – it is graduation season. Not a day goes by that I don’t see a stream of pics of caps, gowns and diplomas on my social media timelines. Whether it is a kindergartner getting ready to go to 1st grade or an accomplished scholar completing their doctorate, the emotions are all the same. Excitement, a sense of accomplishment and pride, and a tinge of fear of what is on the other side of the promotion all surround these momentous occasions. But what about the times when promotion isn’t highlighted? What about the small happenings and triumphs we endure daily that go unnoticed? Read More →

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bias, implicit bias

Are You Biased?

Implicit bias is defined as a positive or negative mental attitude towards a person, thing, or group that a person holds at an unconscious level. Most times when we hear the word BIAS, it is used to describe a negative outlook that affects people demographically. We typically hear of racial bias and gender bias. But what about how these biases manifest themselves in your faith and love walk? Read More →

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leaving a lasting legacy

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

What is the legacy that you want to leave? I know many of us avoid talking about death, so we don’t really think about the impact we will leave once we are gone. But I believe it is so important as to how we live our lives today. At work, I have been planning a Mother’s Day campaign that pushes people to pray for moms. Mother’s Day is a touchy subject for many because they either have lost their moms or they don’t have the relationship they desire to have with their biological mothers. One lady commented yesterday saying that she enjoyed the prayers I was posting on our blog but she and her sister needed prayer because they’d lost their mom on Good Friday and it was their first Mother’s Day without her. That touched me deeply as a friend of mine recently lost her mom and another is without her mom, grandmother and first-born daughter. So I went ahead and crafted a special prayer just for her and posted it on the blog. I felt that not only she, but many others needed to be thought of, cared for and prayed for this weekend. Read More →

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A Writer’s Purpose

What is the purpose of a writer in God’s eyes? The weight of this calling is more than anyone can imagine. To be a willing vessel to all that God would want His people to know on this earth comes with diligence in seeking Him.

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Season of loneliness

Season of Loneliness


How well do you know yourself? How much do you love yourself? How well can you tolerate being by yourself? These may seem like easy or obvious questions to pose. But most people never consider them. We are accustomed to being in relation to other people. Even the Bible tells us in the creation story that it was not good for mankind to be alone. As a single woman with no kids, I have experienced an extended season of loneliness. I used to decry and abhor my solitude until I realized just how strong it has made me. Read More →

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Peace Under Pressure

Peace Under Pressure


“And he awoke and rebuked the wind and said to the sea,”Peace! Be still!”And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.” Mark 4:39

Peace, like happiness, is something that you can possess regardless of your circumstances. It is a state of mind and spirit. Have you ever been in a situation where all hell was breaking loose but you still remained at peace? Your friends and family were probably waiting for you to break, but you held it down like a champ. This is what I call peace under pressure. As I grow and go through more, I am finding a deeper sense of this unshakable peace and I want to share ways for you to find it too. Read More →

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