Hope and Change: 8 Years of Black Excellence

Hope and Change - 8 Years of Black ExcellenceLast night I cried. Hard. I’ve cried many nights before, but last night was much different. Tears of lost hope streamed down my face as I came to the realization that when I woke up today Barack Hussein Obama would no longer be the leader of the free world. Damn. How did we get here?  Read More →

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Pick Someone… Anyone and Do This For Them

1 Timothy 2_1


Awaken to body pains, achy joints and a high temp I knew something was wrong. I informed my husband and laid back down. I shared with just one or two people that I wasn’t well. As the day progressed, I said a silent prayer for healing, yet my condition was seeming to become worse. I knew it was time to go to the E.R. Read More →

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Finding Time for Your Side Hustle


Finding Time For Your Side HustleIf you struggle with finding time for your side hustle, I posit that you either aren’t passionate or desperate enough to make it happen. There. I said it. I know many people might have issue with me saying this. You may cringe or want to argue back at me virtually (go ahead, I can’t hear you anyway). But the truth of the matter is, you have time. You just aren’t using your time wisely. Read More →

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Shifting Gears

shifting gears

Facebook is funny. It just started this thing where it shows you things you posted on this day last year and the years prior. Sometimes I don’t need a reminder – I just want to leave those memories in the distant past. But I recently came across a post of mine from 3 years ago that said: I shift more gears than a 4-speed Yugo in rush hour traffic. And I still feel this way. Shifting gears has become more of a way of life for me than something that happens occasionally. I am no stranger to change. Read More →

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Principles of Kwanzaa

Today begins the African American celebration of Kwanzaa. A lot of people deride Kwanzaa as being a made up holiday – but aren’t they all? I like it because it creates a connection between African traditions and African Americans. The holiday season has become so commercialized that to be honest, it drains me. So in the spirit of the season, I want to share the principles of Kwanzaa in hopes that somehow we can get back to collectiveness and unity in our homes and communities.  Read More →

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