Peach Cobbler with Sugar Cookie Crust

Peach Cobbler


Next to Red Velvet ANYTHING, Peach Cobbler is my favorite dessert. There’s a bit of false truths out there about this masterpiece though. The main one is that it is time consuming to make. Ain’t nobody got time for that! This recipe is not only easy, but it has a SUGAR.COOKIE.CRUST. Let that marinate… a sugar cookie crust y’all. This is actually a collaboration of my aunt’s peach cobbler recipe and a sugar cookie recipe. I’m not going to lie to you, I think her crust recipe ONLY works for her blessed hands so I had to improvise, hence the sugar cookie crust. But let me tell you, this combination is BAE. I don’t make this as often as my family would probably like because…Pinterest LOL. Read More →

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Pinterest FAIL…or Nah? – Breakfast Burritos


In another installment of Pinterest FAIL…or Nah? I bring to you Breakfast Burritos. What I love about this recipe is that you can make enough to be frozen later, which means no one is harassing you to make breakfast. The burritos can be warmed up in the microwave which makes it super easy for the tribe to have a homemade breakfast on the go.

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Cream Cheese Chicken Chili – Pinterest FAIL…or Nah?


Like a lot of us women folk, I also use Pinterest in hopes of trying out all the wonderful recipes and DIY projects I never get around to finishing. My food board alone boasts almost 2,000 pins. Have I made all 2,000 of these meals? Heck NO!! In hopes of getting through some of these untried recipes and projects, I introduce to you: Pinterest FAIL…or Nah? Read More →

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